Sunday, 30 March 2014

On the Paint Table Number 21

Yes it On the Paint Table, number 21, which is amazing and it is growing from strength to strength which is no bad thing. Well today on the paint table we still have most of the same figures as last week but this time they are been basecoated and in most cases have had the base skin colour added.

As you can see I have actually nearing finished two of the figures on the paint table and that is Reverend Farthing and Verger Yatesman from Warlord Games Dad Army set, sculpted by Paul Hicks. Now both of these figures have been a dream to paint and I have been trying a new technique in painting both the skintone, the hair as well of the black. I think I like the results and it surprised me in the fact it has taken about the same time as my normal style, so bonus.

But dont worry cricket fans, and yes the reason for this being late was the fact I was watching England loss to South Africa in the T20 World Cup, sickening especially after a great game midweek. So to cheer myself up I have started the Cricketers from Sloppy Jalopy, sculpted by Bill Thornhill, and these too are proving a dream to paint. Okay that might be of a white lie as I have only managed to paint the base of the skin on them at the moment, but the faces seem to have character and a good level of detail, so who knows. I am hoping to have these chaps finished but the end of the week so they can replace the current English Cricket Team.

Anyway enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a wonderful week ahead.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

On the Painting Table Week No. 20

 Again late with the table and again not a lot happen with the blog, which is a number of reasons but mainly its been Mrs PK birthday and wedding anniversary so painting has took a bit of a back burner, I know its hard to believe. Well I hope to have some new pictures of the things that  have finished up soon. 


Firstly as you can see I have actually got some new stuff on the painting table, which can only mean that I have finished the older stuff or got fed up and ditched them. Well its a bit of a mixed bunch this time and some may even get undercoated and painted by the end of the week and others might still be in the same state as they are now. Was meant to get them basecoated today but today's weather put an end to that.

First up was the pleasant surprise of the week and it was the delivery of the Cricketers from Sloppy Jalopy and I have to see these are very nice indeed. The sculpts by Bill Thornhill are lovely and full of character but also the sculpts themselves are so crisp. I was lucky I guess to get the first set out of the molds. I am looking forward to getting these painted as I need them for my Partizan Game in game.

Next up are the Warlord Games Dad Army set and to be correct the Vicar, Reverend Farthing, actually I never knew he had an actually name I thought he was just called the Vicar or Reverend, and the Verger, Mr Yatesman. Now this set all come on slottabases a thing that I hate especially as I mount all my stuff on 2 pence pieces, so I have had to cut the slotta part away, drill a hole in the foot of them and mount them on a thin wire, which has been glued to the coin so they stand on the coin. I am rather pleased with the result. Now these figures and in fact the whole set are wonderfully sculpted by Paul Hicks and again, like the Sloppy Jalopy Cricketers, they too are from the first production run and it shows as they are too very crisp with no cleaning to do to them. I have to say that the Sloppy Jalopy Cricketers cases are cleaner and crisper but it is very close.

Lastly, there is a couple of Victorian Adventurers from Foundry and a Cuirassier too, but more of them later.

Anyway have a wonderfully week and happy painting.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

On the Paint Table No. 18 or I'm Easy like a Sunday Morning

Good Morning to you all and it is amazing as this is the third day in a roll without rain, Cor' Blimey Governor. Well as you can see I have actually got something on the Paint Table and yes I have actually painted something. Yes its been an amazing few weeks of highs and lows but this has stopped me from going crazy with it all, which I am not going to bore you with. 

Yet again I have stopped finishing the Gypsies and their Caravan and started to paint something else, does another else do this I wonder, lol. So I decided to paint up of Reiver Castings Tradesmen with Rifles from their VBCW range, as an Urban Militia for my Leicester Socialists. This time I went for a militia section that is made of shopkeepers, officer workers, shoe repairers, etc from the same street to give them that mixed up and just assembled feel.

Hopefully I should have these finished on off the table a little later today. Also on the table is a new project for the better half, Mrs PK. Now she is a bit of a Napoleon Lover, as well of Henry the Eight, Sean Bean, Jude Law, gosh I am starting to feel I have competition and have dead people too, lol, don't worry Sean Bean and Jude Law are not dead, and so this lovely vignette is going to be painted for her, once I decided which uniform to put Napoleon in, any help of you Nappy fans would be of great.

Well everyone have a great weekend and enjoy whats left of it while I try and find a way of converting figures that are designed to be uses with slotta bases, I like them for some things and dislike them for others, so they match the other figures in my collection which are based on 2 pence peices.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Update on Sloppy Jalopy's Cricket Players

This morning I have indeed had an update and great news too as I have new pictures for you all,

Sloppy Jalopy will be selling the cricket team, scuplted by Bill Thornhill, in either two packs of six, named Gentlemen and Players or in a combined pack of twelve, the whole team at a reduced price. But they need to finalise the prices will let us know soon.

The next bit of news is that Sloppy Jalopy have stock ready to go but unfortunately it will be about three weeks or so before they are ready for sale. But I have been assured that we will, thats me, be told as soon as they are on sell and hopefully the price of the packs before them.

So I will leave you with these rather lovely pictures.

The Gentlemen

The Players

These have been painted by Darren Smith

Saturday, 1 March 2014

On the Paint Table Number 17

Yes I am back after a break as last week I put on my first VBCW Big Game of the year and it went down rather well, I think, hope. But I am back this week. But first a scene or two from last weekend.

Anyway this weekend and whats on the paint table. Well actually the Gypsy Caravan and the Gypsies are still on the table, they are slowly getting painted but this time they are joined by Reiver Castings Tradesmen with Rifles (Milkmen/Butchers). Now before I go into the quality and scale of them I will point out that you get a pack of ten chaps for eleven quid, which is good value for money.

Now these are very serviceable sculpts and I know that they are not to everyones taste but once painted they rather nice. As you can see that they are at the stage of not quite painted but you can see that they are taking shape. Also you will have noticed, actually it is hard to miss that the Gypsy Caravan is nearly finished. Okay I could stop here but I am not going to as I am going to add details to it such as flowers, scroll work and a like to make it more like a Gypsy Caravan.

Anyway that's all from Chateau PK and the painting table today and may you all have a wonderful weekend.



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