Sunday, 9 March 2014

On the Paint Table No. 18 or I'm Easy like a Sunday Morning

Good Morning to you all and it is amazing as this is the third day in a roll without rain, Cor' Blimey Governor. Well as you can see I have actually got something on the Paint Table and yes I have actually painted something. Yes its been an amazing few weeks of highs and lows but this has stopped me from going crazy with it all, which I am not going to bore you with. 

Yet again I have stopped finishing the Gypsies and their Caravan and started to paint something else, does another else do this I wonder, lol. So I decided to paint up of Reiver Castings Tradesmen with Rifles from their VBCW range, as an Urban Militia for my Leicester Socialists. This time I went for a militia section that is made of shopkeepers, officer workers, shoe repairers, etc from the same street to give them that mixed up and just assembled feel.

Hopefully I should have these finished on off the table a little later today. Also on the table is a new project for the better half, Mrs PK. Now she is a bit of a Napoleon Lover, as well of Henry the Eight, Sean Bean, Jude Law, gosh I am starting to feel I have competition and have dead people too, lol, don't worry Sean Bean and Jude Law are not dead, and so this lovely vignette is going to be painted for her, once I decided which uniform to put Napoleon in, any help of you Nappy fans would be of great.

Well everyone have a great weekend and enjoy whats left of it while I try and find a way of converting figures that are designed to be uses with slotta bases, I like them for some things and dislike them for others, so they match the other figures in my collection which are based on 2 pence peices.


  1. Hola
    Buena mesa de pintura
    Me gusta esa escena de Napoleón
    Atento a mas

  2. I really like the look of those armed tradesmen - I'll have to go and investigate Reiver Miniatures.

  3. Very nice work Pete, looking forward to seeing your version of Napoleon

  4. Great work on the paint table- what are the white crosses on the hats of the Reiver casting?
    These are the figures I have,on the paint table, to use as my pork butcher militia...

  5. Very nice stuff on your workbench.
    Who made this Napoleon figure?


  6. 3 days without rain.... if you hit 7 days in a row I bet you hear the words "Hosepipe ban!"
    The checked coats are looking very good and will make a great unit.

  7. Nice addition. Liking the command stand very characterful!


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