Sunday, 23 March 2014

On the Painting Table Week No. 20

 Again late with the table and again not a lot happen with the blog, which is a number of reasons but mainly its been Mrs PK birthday and wedding anniversary so painting has took a bit of a back burner, I know its hard to believe. Well I hope to have some new pictures of the things that  have finished up soon. 


Firstly as you can see I have actually got some new stuff on the painting table, which can only mean that I have finished the older stuff or got fed up and ditched them. Well its a bit of a mixed bunch this time and some may even get undercoated and painted by the end of the week and others might still be in the same state as they are now. Was meant to get them basecoated today but today's weather put an end to that.

First up was the pleasant surprise of the week and it was the delivery of the Cricketers from Sloppy Jalopy and I have to see these are very nice indeed. The sculpts by Bill Thornhill are lovely and full of character but also the sculpts themselves are so crisp. I was lucky I guess to get the first set out of the molds. I am looking forward to getting these painted as I need them for my Partizan Game in game.

Next up are the Warlord Games Dad Army set and to be correct the Vicar, Reverend Farthing, actually I never knew he had an actually name I thought he was just called the Vicar or Reverend, and the Verger, Mr Yatesman. Now this set all come on slottabases a thing that I hate especially as I mount all my stuff on 2 pence pieces, so I have had to cut the slotta part away, drill a hole in the foot of them and mount them on a thin wire, which has been glued to the coin so they stand on the coin. I am rather pleased with the result. Now these figures and in fact the whole set are wonderfully sculpted by Paul Hicks and again, like the Sloppy Jalopy Cricketers, they too are from the first production run and it shows as they are too very crisp with no cleaning to do to them. I have to say that the Sloppy Jalopy Cricketers cases are cleaner and crisper but it is very close.

Lastly, there is a couple of Victorian Adventurers from Foundry and a Cuirassier too, but more of them later.

Anyway have a wonderfully week and happy painting.


  1. Hi, PK. You have a fine set of interesting characters in this bunch. If the Verger were a 15mm sculpt, I'd use him as an earth space scientist and spaceship builder! Love this guy.

  2. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Those newcommers on your workbench look very interesting. I'm looking forward to see them painted.


  4. Your painting table looks to be full of wonderful pieces of metal calling out for some paint PK!

  5. Hola
    Madre mía que cantidad de miniaturas,me encantan,te espera una buena sesion de pintura
    un saludo

  6. Lovely figures that I am sure will be a treat to work on. I am sorely tempted by those Warlord figures if only to get my hands on the Vicar and Verger, despite the damnable slottas. I am sure you will do them justice.

  7. Lots of great looking figures to work on. The Dads army figs look well worth the extra effort though.

  8. Some wonderful shiny goodness there Pete, can't wait them see them with some paint on.

  9. I'll be watching your cricketers with interest, I'm just waiting for pay day when I shall be joining you in the delightful sport of cricket with guns!


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