Sunday, 20 April 2014

On the Paint Table No.24

Happy Easter to one and all and I hope that you are having an enjoyable break. Well no paint table for me last week as I was at Salute and more than a little tidy when I got back but I do have one for this week. Actually I have not bring that lazy though as I have been painting one of Warbases lovely Very British Civil War terraces that I got from Salute but I have forgotten to take a picture of it as it was to big to fit on the paint table really.

As you can see the table has changed a little but the Anglo Danes are still there, sorry Loki Mrs PK had me painting whores, victims and Mr J Ripper instead. Beside that I have also a lovely small Vickers MKViB, some carts from Warbase and I am starting on more of the Dad's Army pack.

Actually I have painted a bit of the Anglo Danes mainly the tunic and trim and I am waiting for the weather to change so i can basecoat the Dads Army figures. These are the second a lot I have decided to paint after the Vicar and the Verger and these include Hodges, Capt Manwearing and Segt Wilson.

But these are what I have been painting for Mrs PK, the whores, victims and Mr J Ripper. I have to say I am rather enjoying painting them as they are rather fun.

And here are the Warbases carts that I picked up. I have to say they are rather nice and good value for money too. They should add some interest to any battlefield.

Have a great week chaps and chapesses and have a wonderful Easter.


  1. That's quite a varied selection you're working on!

  2. Hey PK I do like what you are doing with those strumpets! I also look forward to seeing what the tank comes out like.

  3. Lovely work PK and the tarts look excellent

  4. Good job so far love the Ripper themed figures.

  5. A nice variety of selection you have there - top stuff with the strumpets =)

  6. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  7. a promising Saturday Table !

  8. Very nice WIP stuff. I'm looking forward to see the finished minis.



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