Saturday, 5 April 2014

On the Painting Table Number 22

Well it is Saturday morning and its "On the Paint Table Day" and I have got it done early for once, lol, and on a Saturday to. Well as you can see the Cricket Team is still on the table though I have to admit it is nearly finish. Also there are a couple of new things that have made its way to the table and also they show a departure from my norm.

I have enjoyed painting the cricketers and I am hoping to have them finished by the end of the weekend so I can one, get them off the table to start of some Anglo Danes and two, to get cricket pitch done. But I have really enjoyed these figures and they might be a second team of cricketers are on the cards once I have rodered them.

So beside the Anglo Danes I also have Steve Fry's character for the Hobbit film to paint up too. Now I might actually paint him as a Town Mayor so he can fit into my VBCW games might be on the cards, once I get around to finishing him off.

Well have a great weekend and a happy week coming to you all.

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  1. Hola
    Felicidades buena mesa te as preparado
    me gustan las chaquetas,me gusta los colores elegidos
    estaré a tentó
    un saludo

  2. Nice work PK, look forward to seeing the Anglo Danes

  3. You went for the stripes, a bold move but you've pulled it off brilliantly!

  4. Good progress on the cricket team. The stripes look fabulous,!

  5. Very nice indeed....
    They look pretty handy come close combat and silly point :-)

  6. The cricketers start to lookrealy good. I hope your weekend painting go´s as planed.

    Best regards Michael


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