Friday, 18 April 2014

Some Salute 2014 Pictures and My View on the Show

Yes I know it has taken me a few days to get these posted and I really cannot say the wait was worth it but here they are. But firstly I have to say a few things about the show. Now this is the first time I have been to Salute at the Excel centre and God it is huge. It took me and Mrs PK really the whole day to walk around looking at stuff, which in its own right is a good thing.

It is good to see so many traders and games there but it is mainly the mainstream ones, hardly any little companies there, I better it is cost. Saying that it was good to see Warbases and Reivers there and it looked like trade was good on both stores.The one thing I did notice was a lack on Very British Civil War on sale, only two places had the books that I saw, Gripping Beast and Reiver, but it was go to see that the boys at Gripping Beast have the full Musketeer Range was them.

But there was a couple of things that I was disappointed by the show, firstly the lighting, it was bad, leaving me to thing that my eye sight had got worst and everything was a bit foggy and the second thing was actually one of the members from South London Warlord's at the clubs LotR display who was getting so upset with people wanting to take photos and asking questions and just wanted to play the game. Well to him from one who puts on display games at large shows, the first thing is the public, you are playing in a public area and actually the point of display games is to well to display the hobby. If you want to play the actual game may I suggest that I show is not the place to play it. Yes this a minor thing but actually it made me a bit annoyed with the whole show and the chap had the wrong attitude in my opinion.

It was great to meet up with so many blogger especially Tamsin from Wargaming Girl, Clint from Anything But a One, thanks for the fudge as both Mrs PK and myself enjoyed that greatly, Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare and his good friend Provost Marshal, and also to Loki, Fran, Ray, Postie and all the other bloggers that I failed to talk to. Also it was good to meet up with some many VBCBers and it was good to see people actually buying the dice.

So to sum up the show was very good, I think I still prefer Partizan as it has more atmosphere but it was good. Now enough of me rabbiting and on too the pictures.

The Long, Long, Longest Day Queue
 VBCW Game

 Painting Competition

 Some Colonial Marines, Lost I think

Some Sci-Fi game

Dropzone Commander

The United Irishmen Rebellion of 1798

Great War Game

Dead's Army Game put on by Mike at Trouble at T'Mill blog

A Dune Game

Ben Hur

Mutant Chronciles and I have a real soft spot for this.

Sword Beach and it is amazing

South London Warlords LotR Game with added grumpy gamer

The VBCWers

The Bloggers

A VSF Game on Mars

Empire of the Dead Game

4Ground Stuff


  1. Great pics mate - well worth the wait to see them :)

  2. Thanks Pete for sharing very nice salute pictures !

    Your VBCW game look splending, greate with a carrier and also the typical blue/white/red bathing cabin, stunning !

    Do you remember some more about the last picture, the one with the Kogg, I woild like to see more pictures from that display an also know the theme of the game.

    best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael and I have to admit it was not my VBCW game but some chaps from the VBCF, I had a day off, lol.

      The last picture is from a display by 4ground of there up and coming fantasy buildings which look rather nice

  3. Nice pics and I totally agree about the grumpy git on the LOTR game. Sorry we didn't get to chat at the Bloggers meet.

    1. Thanks there and sorry too about not chatting, next time chap, next time

  4. Some nice pics KP and quite a different selection from others that I've seen on the net.

  5. Great to finally put a face to the name, I hope it won't be the last time we get to catch up.

  6. Great photos PK! Love the one of Sword Beach!!

    1. Thanks Rodger and the Sword Beach was totally amazing

  7. Great pics nice to see more of the Dune themed one it looked impressive.

    1. Its was very nice Simon and by a chap names Akuka, you might recognise the name from over forums.

  8. Some very nice toys surrounded by some nice (and a few odd) people. I can see now why people who go to Salute say bad things about the Excel Centre. I've seen aircraft hangers with more character. How dreadful. The VBCW game looked terrific, I must check your blog (I've been offline with grad school of late) to see if there is more on it. Cheers, MP

    1. Thanks Michael it was like a soulless aircraft hanger but the games, shopping and meeting up with people totally made up for it.

  9. Definitely got my good side in the Forum Team Photo PK!
    See you at Partizan.........

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