Friday, 30 May 2014

On the Paint Table No.30 and the The Liebster Award 2014

Well its week 30 of On the Paint Table or rather it will be tomorrow 31st May, so I have jumped the gun a bit but as I am getting really for Partizan in the Park at Kelham Hall in Newark on 1st June, this is the only real chance I will have. So here goes and there is a bit of theme with these.

Now like I have said I am preping for Partizan and most of the stuff I have on the Paint Table is in relation to this. I have those lovely Paul Hick's sculpts of Dad's Army characters from Warlord Games on the table that I am trying to get finished for Sunday but in truth if I finish a couple of them, Jones, Pike and Godfrey, I will be chuffed. Also I have a Lych Gate which I have rendered the walls and some tables to get done.

I have got around to finishing or rather nearly finishing the Hen House from Petite Properties but now I need to get some chickens which I have ordered from good old Warbases along with a ton of pavements too. As I didn't have enough dogs I have decided to add a Poodle which comes from Bicorne Miniatures and comes with Prince Rupert. I have painted Boye as he was called white as that was the colour of him and I can use him in any ECW games.

Now back to the Dad's Army characters, as you can see I have also finished Jones the Butcher and I have Godfrey, Pike, Frazer and behind them Walker to finished. Hopefully I can get them finished but I am not going to rush them as they are amazing sculpts and great fun to paint.

Firstly I would like to thank Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare, Jay from Jay's Miniature Enterprise, Gary from Happy Valley and I know there has been a couple of others too and I am very sorry to forget your names, my bad, for this award. Now as I am a little pressed for time at the moment I am going to defer this to Sunday evening and sort it out then.

So have a great weekend and have great fun at whatever you are doing. If you happen to be at Partizan in the park on Sunday I will be putting on a VBCW game with a cricket pitch on the field, so just come up and talk, I just hope that my cards from Artscow come in time, been over a week now.



Monday, 26 May 2014

The Battle of Cattows Farm, ECW in One to One scale, well almost

Yesterday with the sun blazing in the sky and beating down on the earth, Mrs PK and myself decided to go to this place called Cattows Farm near Coalville at the incite of a good freind of mine to watch grown men and women play soldiers, sorry re-enact an English Civil War battle, I think the first part was correct. With the ground having more mud than the Somme, it was an interesting day. The battle by the chaps and chapettes of the Sealed Knot was actually rather good and very enjoyable and for them luckily the ground was good to firm, unlike the puddle of mud Mrs PK and I was standing in. Also I got to met a very nice chap and author of The Civil War Chronicles, Michael Arnold. The series follows the exploits of a Captain Stryker during the civil war and I cannot tell you much more than that as I have never read them by I now own his first four books signed by him and I will let you know how there pan out. Might be some good information for a VBCW character too. Anyway his website is so go check him out. Anyway photos.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sheds and Dogs, not a Brit Pop Album

After finishing the Cold Frame from Petite Properties I have also finished the Potting Shed from them. Now it is a good size shed being a 1/48th scale building and it measures up very well to a 28mm scale figure. Now this is actually made from 2mm card and comes collect with glass, okay thin plastic, for the windows and glass in the door and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I have painted it in the traditional green colour with cream windows, door and roof frame. The roof I made it to be like tarpaulin draped over it by using toilet tissue, soak in PVA glue and then paint black and drybrushed black-grey and then grey. I think it looks rather nice and looks like tarp. Anyway here are some pictures of it.

Also I got some dogs from Warbases at Salute as they look okay and serviceable and decided to paint them up for Partizan in the Park and gosh I was wrong. The first one I painted was the bulldog and once a lick of paint went in it it came to life. It is a very nice little sculpt and has quite a character to it's nice sitting pose.
Next up was the pack of dogs then, they are they are collies and I thought that they look like generic dogs. But again, POW, once a lick of paint was on them they too came to life. I have painted three as border collies, two dark and white and one tan and white and as a red setter.

Both of these packs are wonderful, rather cheap and look the part, most importantly. Now we need to tell Martin at Wasbases that a fox and hounds pack would be a seller.

Here's some pictures.

Thanks for looking


Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Cricket Pitch is Finished

Well I have finished the blooming pitch complete with stumps and I am rather happy with the results, photos to follow. But firstly the actual dimensions of the pitch are as follows:

  • The width of the base for the pitch is 14" in diameter or 7" in radius.
  • The actual pitch or playing surface is almost to scale at 1/56 in length at 12", in real live the length of a 22 yds pitch would be 14", now you can see I did a miscalculation with the pitch and the diameter and meant that the pitch is 12" long or 19 yds, a whole yards short. Memo to me to remember to add the field on it next time.
  • The width of the pitch has no set width, which I am a little at but I have actually gone for e width that is a little wider so it "looks right" with 28mm chaps. So the neat grassed pitch is 4" wide.
  • The Crease Marking are about 1" for the start of the pitch and another line a follow 3/4" in front of that. The two outer lines are 1/4" from the pitch edge.
  • The Stumps being made for tooth picks were cut to be 3/4" tall with bails, which was made from thin garden wire.

So here are some actually photos of it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Cricket Pitch and Partizan: Under the Covers, Part 2

Well some further progress has happen on the Cricket Pitch with all the grass now been laid and the pitch marking next to be add along with the stumps and all. Not a lot more I can say about that.

Also here are the plans to the Partizan game

This Ain’t Cricket You Know?

It’s the annual Knipton and Harston Cricket Club XIs week and this war is not going to stop the chaps from having a jolly good week of cricket and partying. So much so you would never think that there was a war on, but today there is a slight political overtone as the two teams are sponsored by the King’s Party and the other by the British Union of Fascists. But as it is cricket and it’s the XIs week, it’s all for fun so no one-upmanship, proving who is the better, etc. There has been a lot of betting going on the side over the outcome of this game and the party mode is in full swing.


Everyone starts with a 5 man command section, the commander (armed with pistol and may have rifle, SMG or shotgun), his or her subaltern (armed with pistol and may have rifle, SMG or shotgun), a NCO (armed with rifle, SMG or shotgun), and 2 privates, one of which may be a Medic and the other may be a Standard Bearer (armed with rifle or shotgun). Also everyone has a 10 man section, a NCO (armed with rifle, SMG or shotgun) and 9 privates (armed with rifle or shotgun, one of which can be armed with LMG) in the field at the start of the game.

All other sections are checked off the table at the start of the game.

The factions involved are:
The Duke of Rutland’s Own Royalists Militia, Hartson Section (Royalist)
The Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF Militia, Knipton Section (Royalist)
East Mids Socialist League, Leicester Branch, Long Range Recce Section (Socialists)
St Peter’s Section of the Medeshamstede Command (Anglican League)
The Bradgate Opportunists (Neutral)


Each of the forces involved have an objective that is required to be completed in ensure victory and these are as follows:

The local Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache, of the Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF, Belvoir Command, has got a lovely new red Crossley car and the Duke want this vehicle. The Duke has hinted that the car should be his but Lt Col Denis Plantagenet Tollemache has so far not taken the hint and now the local Militia commander has decided to take matters into his ownb hands and take the car and present it to the Duke.

In the village of Hartson there is a prize winning Bulldog bitch which Lt Col Denis Plantagenet Tollemache what like to get his hands on and present to the Duke, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, as a gift so he can breed this with his own prize winner Bulldog.

The Socialist League Recce Section has been in the area living around Frog Hollow for a the last month keeping an eye on what the Duke and his forces are planning and are shocked that they are actually playing cricket while the war is going on. “Are they not taking this armed struggle seriously? Do they think the workers pose no threat? Well we will show those decadent, landowning, fools that the war is going on”. So they plan to steal the sign of workers oppression and take them back to City, they plan to steal the cricket stumps.

The St Peter’s Section, Anglican League, is performing a deep patrol into the Dukes’ lands and after capturing one of the Dukes chaps they have found out that the Duke is having a jolly time playing cricket and partying. They have also heard about a prize winning dog that Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache has in the village of Knipton called Nipper. They plan to strike a blow against The Duke and the BUF by capturing this dog and bringing it back.

The Bradgate Opportunists have been “travelling around” the area on the “look out” for “useful” items to help them. They just happen to be in the area to “pick up” some items from a Hen House, a Potting Shed and a Cold Frame and bring them back to Gray Manor. Also they will “acquire” any and all other items to.


To bring on reinforcements the players have to communicate this back to the rest of their platoons. Each player will have another one or two 10 man section, depending on numbers, waiting off the table. To bring on the reinforcements the players can send someone back as a runner to get them or simply use the public telephones to call them in.

The Playing Area

We will be playing over a 8 foot by 6 foot table, I have asked if we be in the same room as last time, as it was quite nice there, with a cricket pitch and club house in the centre of it. To the north of the pitch is a manor house where the party is at with the two villages at every side of the table. Map to follow.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Start of the Cricket Pitch for Partizan: Under the Covers

Yes indeed I have made a start on the cricket pitch indeed, with the Indian Premier League, IPL on the tele and the weather being some pleasantly warm, I that I would take advantage of this and crack on with it.

Here is the start of the Cricket Pitch that I've got to have to get finished for Partizan, Under the Covers. Yes i do know that the groundskeepers has not dont a great job of the outfield and know he is on his final warning to pull up his socks.

It simply started as a circular piece of ply measuring 14 inches in diameter and I have applied the usually sand and grit to it and then undercoated it. Next the base has been drybrushed earth colour and then a lighter earth colour on top. Next the actually playing pitch has been measured out.marked out and then some grass green flock has been added to give the feel and impression of neat, close cut grass.

But there is still tons to do to it.

Thanks for looking 


Sunday, 18 May 2014

On the Paint Table No28 and Partizan

Good Morning Chaps and Chapesses and welcome to my On the Paint Table week 28. Now as you can see there is not a lot happening on but for some buildings and dogs.

Actually there is one other thing having and it is a big thing too and that is the sandy base that they are all sitting on. So PK what is that large base that measures 14" in diameter well I will tell you. This is the start of a cricketer pitch that is going to be the centre part of the game that the Very British Civil Forum is putting on at Partizan in the Park, on the 1st June. Now I have stated that this is the start and actually now has been undercoated/basecoated really for the fun bit to start. Hopefully I will have the whole pitch finished by the end of the week, complete with cricket stumps. For more information on Partizan in the Park please click here and this will take you to there facebook page.

Next up on the list are the out buildings that I have. Now two of these have to be done for Partizan, them being the Hen House and the Potting Shed, but also I would like to have the Lych Gate done to for the church but that after all else has been done. These buildings as from a dolls house company called Petite Properties and they are in 1/48th scale, MDF and card laser cut. They have an amazing amount of detail on them and are relatively cheap.

Next on the paint table are some dogs and a bulldog that I too have to have finished for Partizan too. These doggies are from Warbases and mighty nice they are. The bulldog is the black blob at the moment having just basecoated it but I will be chuffed once I have decided would colour to paint it and the others too.

Now all that leaves me to say is to have a great weekend and week to come.


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