Sunday, 4 May 2014

On the Paint Table No 26

Good Weekend and I hope that you are enjoying the sun and the spring like feel that is in the air today. Well its On the Paint Table number 26 that Sofie at Sofie's Paint Blog started and now there are a fair few doing this but there is room for more to join.

As you can see that the Dad's Army figures are missing, does that mean I have actually finished something, well yes and now I have actually have eight of the box set finished but still have another ten to go and these well be added over the next few weeks. Also the houses from Warbases and progressed very little but now I have the roof, using Warbases roofing tiles, done and I hope to have the other house's tiles also done soon and then its the doors and windows. Also the Saxons or rather the Anglo Danes have returned but more of them in a while.

Now the Duke of Rutland's Crossley 19.6 from Sloppy Jalopy is coming along. I have finished the red of the body and I am thinking of adding a gross vanish to it once I have finished the rest of the vehicle. Now I have the running boards to do which are going to be black, the engine work and the interior of the vehicle. Now I have to say I am enjoying this especially as I don't like painting vehicles. The figure standing next to the car is for scale which is bang on if you ask me.

Now back to the Anglo Danes, Anglo Saxons to most, that have been on and off the table more times than a hooker at a lap dancing bar. Now this are for my Saga project that I am slowly doing and I mean slowly, but I am enjoying them. They are from the Saxon Thegns set by Gripping Beast and they are very lovely figures as are all of they figures. At the rate I am painting these at I should have two forces that can fight each other ready by 2018, lol, but I am not worried by than as they are a pet project that are there are when I get bored of painting VBCW stuff.

But now I have discovered a new set of rules which I saw and wished I had played and brought the rules now at Salute a game called Valhalla by East Street Games. Now it is another skirmish game, which is free to download and I suggest you do, which you fight small warbands against each other. The rules are rather straight forward and easy to use, the warband creation is done online at there website and it seems to work for a couple of warriors fighting to large warbands clashing, so worth a bash. I am going to see what it is like in the next couple of weeks and see how it plays.

Anyway thats all from me so have a wonderful weekend and week coming and best wishes.




  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Michael still got a bit to do though

  2. Great stuff as always!

  3. That's a rather lovely Crossley there, those Saxons and Anglo-Dane Huscarls are looking very nice indeed. Superb work as ever. By the way, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award sir

  4. Excellent work mate.

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award I hope you don't mind :)

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