Friday, 30 May 2014

On the Paint Table No.30 and the The Liebster Award 2014

Well its week 30 of On the Paint Table or rather it will be tomorrow 31st May, so I have jumped the gun a bit but as I am getting really for Partizan in the Park at Kelham Hall in Newark on 1st June, this is the only real chance I will have. So here goes and there is a bit of theme with these.

Now like I have said I am preping for Partizan and most of the stuff I have on the Paint Table is in relation to this. I have those lovely Paul Hick's sculpts of Dad's Army characters from Warlord Games on the table that I am trying to get finished for Sunday but in truth if I finish a couple of them, Jones, Pike and Godfrey, I will be chuffed. Also I have a Lych Gate which I have rendered the walls and some tables to get done.

I have got around to finishing or rather nearly finishing the Hen House from Petite Properties but now I need to get some chickens which I have ordered from good old Warbases along with a ton of pavements too. As I didn't have enough dogs I have decided to add a Poodle which comes from Bicorne Miniatures and comes with Prince Rupert. I have painted Boye as he was called white as that was the colour of him and I can use him in any ECW games.

Now back to the Dad's Army characters, as you can see I have also finished Jones the Butcher and I have Godfrey, Pike, Frazer and behind them Walker to finished. Hopefully I can get them finished but I am not going to rush them as they are amazing sculpts and great fun to paint.

Firstly I would like to thank Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare, Jay from Jay's Miniature Enterprise, Gary from Happy Valley and I know there has been a couple of others too and I am very sorry to forget your names, my bad, for this award. Now as I am a little pressed for time at the moment I am going to defer this to Sunday evening and sort it out then.

So have a great weekend and have great fun at whatever you are doing. If you happen to be at Partizan in the park on Sunday I will be putting on a VBCW game with a cricket pitch on the field, so just come up and talk, I just hope that my cards from Artscow come in time, been over a week now.




  1. Got to say Jones does look very good indeed. Lots of good progress on so many other things as well. But the hen house and Jones are outstanding.

  2. Jones looks just the ticket, will catch you at Partizan on Sunday


  3. Looking good PK, hope to see some pictures of the day.

  4. Looks good so far.


  5. Lots of interesting stuff going on mate!

  6. Some great stuff going on there PK! Really like the look of Jones , a beautiful figure!

  7. Those Dad's Army figs are fantastic. So much character. Have a good time this weekend PK!

  8. Lovely glimpse of the table Pete, that chicken coop is a revelation.

  9. Hola
    Buen trabajo con esas minis
    Felicidades por le premio
    un saludo

  10. Love the chicken coop, and congrats on the award.


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