Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Cricket Pitch and Partizan: Under the Covers, Part 2

Well some further progress has happen on the Cricket Pitch with all the grass now been laid and the pitch marking next to be add along with the stumps and all. Not a lot more I can say about that.

Also here are the plans to the Partizan game

This Ain’t Cricket You Know?

It’s the annual Knipton and Harston Cricket Club XIs week and this war is not going to stop the chaps from having a jolly good week of cricket and partying. So much so you would never think that there was a war on, but today there is a slight political overtone as the two teams are sponsored by the King’s Party and the other by the British Union of Fascists. But as it is cricket and it’s the XIs week, it’s all for fun so no one-upmanship, proving who is the better, etc. There has been a lot of betting going on the side over the outcome of this game and the party mode is in full swing.


Everyone starts with a 5 man command section, the commander (armed with pistol and may have rifle, SMG or shotgun), his or her subaltern (armed with pistol and may have rifle, SMG or shotgun), a NCO (armed with rifle, SMG or shotgun), and 2 privates, one of which may be a Medic and the other may be a Standard Bearer (armed with rifle or shotgun). Also everyone has a 10 man section, a NCO (armed with rifle, SMG or shotgun) and 9 privates (armed with rifle or shotgun, one of which can be armed with LMG) in the field at the start of the game.

All other sections are checked off the table at the start of the game.

The factions involved are:
The Duke of Rutland’s Own Royalists Militia, Hartson Section (Royalist)
The Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF Militia, Knipton Section (Royalist)
East Mids Socialist League, Leicester Branch, Long Range Recce Section (Socialists)
St Peter’s Section of the Medeshamstede Command (Anglican League)
The Bradgate Opportunists (Neutral)


Each of the forces involved have an objective that is required to be completed in ensure victory and these are as follows:

The local Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache, of the Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF, Belvoir Command, has got a lovely new red Crossley car and the Duke want this vehicle. The Duke has hinted that the car should be his but Lt Col Denis Plantagenet Tollemache has so far not taken the hint and now the local Militia commander has decided to take matters into his ownb hands and take the car and present it to the Duke.

In the village of Hartson there is a prize winning Bulldog bitch which Lt Col Denis Plantagenet Tollemache what like to get his hands on and present to the Duke, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, as a gift so he can breed this with his own prize winner Bulldog.

The Socialist League Recce Section has been in the area living around Frog Hollow for a the last month keeping an eye on what the Duke and his forces are planning and are shocked that they are actually playing cricket while the war is going on. “Are they not taking this armed struggle seriously? Do they think the workers pose no threat? Well we will show those decadent, landowning, fools that the war is going on”. So they plan to steal the sign of workers oppression and take them back to City, they plan to steal the cricket stumps.

The St Peter’s Section, Anglican League, is performing a deep patrol into the Dukes’ lands and after capturing one of the Dukes chaps they have found out that the Duke is having a jolly time playing cricket and partying. They have also heard about a prize winning dog that Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache has in the village of Knipton called Nipper. They plan to strike a blow against The Duke and the BUF by capturing this dog and bringing it back.

The Bradgate Opportunists have been “travelling around” the area on the “look out” for “useful” items to help them. They just happen to be in the area to “pick up” some items from a Hen House, a Potting Shed and a Cold Frame and bring them back to Gray Manor. Also they will “acquire” any and all other items to.


To bring on reinforcements the players have to communicate this back to the rest of their platoons. Each player will have another one or two 10 man section, depending on numbers, waiting off the table. To bring on the reinforcements the players can send someone back as a runner to get them or simply use the public telephones to call them in.

The Playing Area

We will be playing over a 8 foot by 6 foot table, I have asked if we be in the same room as last time, as it was quite nice there, with a cricket pitch and club house in the centre of it. To the north of the pitch is a manor house where the party is at with the two villages at every side of the table. Map to follow.


  1. Nice progress, PK.
    I'm looking forward to see more of the pitch and the whole table.


  2. That sounds like quite a game.

  3. It just keeps getting better and better!

  4. The great work looks splendid and what an exciting sounding game...

    1. Thanks there Alan and I am glad you like the game

  5. Coming along nicely mate. Look forward to seeing the report of the game with lots of piccies!

    1. Thanks there Simon and it is just under a week and a half away, gosh, scared

  6. Great background fluff for the game. Really looking forward to seeing the finished articles as it were.

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