Sunday, 29 June 2014

Warbases Once Again Come Up With the Goods

I have to say I am always surprised in a pleasant way by Warbases coming up with something new I need when I am looking for a better way to do something. Now there are a lot of toys from them I have on the workbench at the moment from two vans and a Hanson Carriage to a cobble street that I was meant to use for the Hanson Cab but now is being used for my Leicester City Civilian Artillery but how did Martin know I needed to rebase all my trees?

As you can see they are MDF tiles with cut outs for you to have you trees, or whatever, attached. Now I know these are not the first to do this but they do a wide ranges of different sizes and also plain tiles too.

I have got all my trees at the moment bases on CDs which are all well and probably not that much different to what I am doing with the Warbase tiles but I do find that I am forever regluing the trees back on the CDs after playing a game, mainly because of transport and the new bases have the added advantage of being able to remove the tree in game some the troops can actually be in an wooded area.

It does also make packaging away and storing the trees earlier and if I want the trees to be separate I have them based already. Plus I can change the wood to include rocks, animals or any other thing that I might need like a base for cattle. I think these can prove to be a very useful indeed especially as they can is different sizes and the cut outs can be of differing sizes too.

I can recommend them and will be getting more of them shortly.

So have a great week ahead.



Monday, 23 June 2014

Vikings Are Coming

I have finished another little group of Viking Warriors for my Saga Warband and this now brings me to the Grand total of four points worth of warriors, I can actually field a Saga Army, Huzzah!, and it has only taken me the best part of a year to do this. This time I wanted a more raider look to these chaps rather than a armoured warrior look and so with a few Vikings that Seb had given to me and a couple of spearmen from the Viking plastics. Now all of the metal and plastic figures are from Gripping Beast, in my opinion some of the best Dark Age figures on the market, I have decided to painted these with a limited palette of greens, browns and blues and I think it has works. All hail Lord Mufnar! So here they are and over to you.



Saturday, 21 June 2014

On the Paint Table Number 33

Its On the Paint Table Saturday and for once I am actually doing it on a Saturday, whats next? Anyway I have been a rather busy chap this week and all I have managed to do to collect stuff on the paint table rather than paint it and clear it. Well it least I have managed to start another illustration and almost finished some more Vikings.

I know that the table looks very full but really is is only ten chaps, a tent, three horses, two vans, a Hansome Cab, a Lych Gate and two tree stands. I would be amazed if I actually get any of them finished but I am hoping.

As you see I have been painting more Vikings, gosh I need a life as I drawing, watching and now painting Vikings and maybe I will have these finished by the end the month. If I have these finished I will have a Saga Army which has only taken me a year to painting 30 figures. 

I have also got these terrain bases for WarBases and I am in the process of rebasing my tree bases. These terrain bases have circular bases cut out so the trees can be used separately. So far all I have done is undercoated the bases and glued the trees on. Hopefully I will have these finished soon and compare them to the CD bases ones.

Anyway here is my On Paint Table and I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.



Monday, 9 June 2014

The Finished Viking

I have to say I am well chuffed for a number of different results and this is one too. I am so pleased that after a period of six or more months and thinking back it is more of not being able to put paint to paper, artist block is a killer especially if like me you love to paint, and now I have finished a painting. Not only have I finished the painting but I think I have to rate it up there with one of my best pieces too. I love the way the colours way within the pose and now I am going to be adding a background to make him pop. Soon you might be sick of seeing him, lol.

I am glad to know the old magic has not got and in fact the break has refreshed me. Anyway have a great day and take care.



Friday, 6 June 2014

The Old Mojo is Coming Back or On the Paint Table 31

The old painting mojo is back, after being away for a few months, the last six at least I sat down and decided to do some drawing and painting. Now this chap is a proud Viking from over the sea praising Thor, Odin or Loki or some such deity, before or after a battle. I have gone for a striking pose, giving him the axe and Viking helmet and I am rather pleased with the whole thing.

Now I dont know which is totally within the rules of on the Paint Table, but really this is was is on the paint table. Maybe Sofie can say yeah or hay, I am hoping yeah. This is a couple of the work in progress, I have aimed to may this as close as I can to natural colours that they worn and I know the colours can be very bright indeed. I can tell you painting the mail shirt and the helmet was a pain as I really dont like painting metals as I never think I get it right but I am happy with the results on this one.

I am hoping to have him finished over the weekend and then it is time to work on the background to add him into. Now I have to think about what to actually put into the background but the chap who asked me to do this has said .............................., okay I wont tell. I will leave you with one that didn't cut the mustard.

So everyone have a great weekend and following week.



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Partizan in the Park and Broadside

Firstly I would like to say that Broadside 2014 is on this Sunday 8th in Sittingbourne, so if you are in the area or if you fancy meeting the Posties Rejects there is the place to be. For more information please go to Milton Hundred Wargames Club.

Yes that is the Perry Twins and Alessio Cavatore on the table behind us, so no pressure
Now thats the advert over for a great show now onto another great show, Partizan in the Park. Every time I put on a display game at Partizan I am amazed by the quality of the other games on and they all seem better than mine. To me Partizan is one of those shows that still has the old fashion look and feel where its the games that come first and there is a seem on community and I just love it. So this time, due to an amazing cock up on behalf on Kelham Hall, not Newark Irregulars, with the hall being double booked with a Art Deco Show, we had the fun and I have to say pleasure of playing in a tent. 

Now the first thing that should be said is the amount of work that Laurence Baldwin and Richard Tyndall, both of Sloppy Jalopy and Newark Irregulars, have put in so much work to make sure that the show went ahead, especially Laurence, was nothing short of amazing and to get the weather booked for a lovely, hot summers day to me was the finishing touches.

Now I am not going to give you a view of the show because when putting on a display game you dont get a lot of time for that but I will give you my day there. Now I got there at about quarter to eight and even then there was people who was there before me putting up there stuff, not a lot mind you, and I set about laying out the terrain tiles and shortly the other people helping with the game had come in and where helping with getting the table changed from a few terrain tiles to a small corner of England.

Now all of this was done with the Perry Twins and Alessio Cavatore setting up a beautiful looking Second World War Early Desert game, with lovely sculpted terrain boards and buildings, not to mention troops and tanks, God these chaps are Gods of wargaming and for good reason. So like I said no pressure. But we got our display game sorted and was ready to roll those dice and play when the doors opened and fellow gamers entered into the tents. Now I should say that at this point you could feel the warm atmosphere change from quite pleasure to baking hot and any idea of starting the game went as the number of people who started chatting to us about the game and where did the cricketers come from was actually amazing as we have never created this much interest in our games before. If fact we had more people talking and commenting on our game than the Perrys and even they came over and looked.

Now our table was in fact in front of the Warbases stand with the great LOKI from Loki's Great Hall there on their stand all day. It was very good to have such a great character and friend on there as it when the day for me very enjoyable. I had ordered some stuff from Warbases, mainly pavements and them I ended with a Viking tents, wild boars and a Viking Knarr as Mrs PK would it and somehow ended up buying it. Now I have got a idea on how to get this in an VBCW game based around the Sutton Hoo burial but more on than later.

Back to the show and the game. There was a lot of interest in the cricket pitch and the cricketer and it was good to people enjoying them. The best, no actually amazing bit about the cricket teams was the one both by my good friend Burnin' Coal as he had converted the Sloppy Jalopy cricketers into an Indian team named I think the King's Royal Punjab XI and their where amazing. Each player was wearing a turban and he had even converted other figures for the rest of the team and still the unit is a fighting unit, wonderful stuff. Now if that wasn't enough he also made the blinds, screen too which just added more the display.

Now we did actually get some turns in and the players did get involved in a firefight over the control of assets and the objectives there where to complete. There was much fighting over the communication centre, okay telephone boxes as these where the other way to get reinforcements and the socialists from the Leicester City Socialist Council Recce section, which was checking an I on the Duke of Rutland and getting this information back to the Council was so horrified by the fact that the Duke's chaps playing cricket when there was a war on, dont you know, that there advanced and open fired on the chaps in white and even tried to steal the stumps.

The Royalists and the BUF joined forces to work together on getting the objectives with the BUF sending troops to support the Royalist who where being pinned down by the Anglican league fellows just outside the village of Hartson. They also brought up the prize winning Crossley 19.6 Tourer which they used as a road block, can you believe that, still it did get it nearer the Royalists who wanted the car.

And all the time the BUF was fighting the Socialists, the League was fighting the Royalists, the Bradgate Opportunists where quietly going around completed their objectives was no one noticing. They were so good at getting the objectives that no one noticed that the prize winning Bulldog that the BUF commander, Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache wanted to give to Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, the ninth Duke of Rutland, had also been taken by them.

So all in all the usual amount of chaos, fighting, failing to jump over hedges, actually we had less on that than normal but changing the rules so it was the unit and the individuals that you roll for and general merriment rules that day. 

At the end of the game many of the objectives were not completed, the Royalists failed to get the BUF commanders car, got close to but no cigar. The BUF failed to get the prize winning Bulldog bitch for Hartson Village and had not noticed that the Bradgate Opportunist had in fact got it. The Anglican League failed to get Knipper, Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache's own Bulldog but did actually end up with the Crossley which was used as a road block and then let there, so the League took it. There might be a mission to get the Crossley back I think. The Socialist tried to get the cricket stumps and changed into the cricket team to get them but the BUF section open fired and took half of the socialists out and the assault failed and they had to leave the area with no stumps. 

But the ones that did the best was the Bradgate Opportunists who quietly moved around the battlefield to there drop off points to collect there packages and also nabbed the prize winning Bulldog, Harts, along the way, gosh the vicar of Hartson, the Reverend John Stoup Wagstaffe, is very upset about this and will he use his influence with the Duke and if this failed I wonder where to whom he will go next.

It was a crackling day out meeting lots of new people and old friends. Good to have a long chat with my good friend Ook, Ian from The Blog With No Name, good to have a chat just wished I had more time but it is good to see the little ones getting into Saga and Dave from One Man and His Brushes, sorry I didnt get to chat at the time and I hope you had a great hols and finally my good friend and fine fellow PaulC glad that you had a great time.

So I have to say that Partizan in the Park was a great success and a great day, there was lots of smiling faces and the atmosphere was totally amazing. Actually after a while I genuinely forgot I was in a tent and because of the warm weather, the time of year, etc I think it actually work very well, well done Laurence and Tricks.

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