Sunday, 29 June 2014

Warbases Once Again Come Up With the Goods

I have to say I am always surprised in a pleasant way by Warbases coming up with something new I need when I am looking for a better way to do something. Now there are a lot of toys from them I have on the workbench at the moment from two vans and a Hanson Carriage to a cobble street that I was meant to use for the Hanson Cab but now is being used for my Leicester City Civilian Artillery but how did Martin know I needed to rebase all my trees?

As you can see they are MDF tiles with cut outs for you to have you trees, or whatever, attached. Now I know these are not the first to do this but they do a wide ranges of different sizes and also plain tiles too.

I have got all my trees at the moment bases on CDs which are all well and probably not that much different to what I am doing with the Warbase tiles but I do find that I am forever regluing the trees back on the CDs after playing a game, mainly because of transport and the new bases have the added advantage of being able to remove the tree in game some the troops can actually be in an wooded area.

It does also make packaging away and storing the trees earlier and if I want the trees to be separate I have them based already. Plus I can change the wood to include rocks, animals or any other thing that I might need like a base for cattle. I think these can prove to be a very useful indeed especially as they can is different sizes and the cut outs can be of differing sizes too.

I can recommend them and will be getting more of them shortly.

So have a great week ahead.




  1. And their delivery is disturbingly fast!

  2. Warbases are excellent. I 'discovered' them a few years ago at the Derby show when Martin was tucked away in one of the back rooms. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and still provide excellent customer service.

    1. I think that they are one of the best companies supplying the wargamer out there

  3. Very nice wood bases. I'm currently waiting for mine... ;-)


  4. Great stuff PK! They look fantastic!

  5. They look great I had considered a 2" hole punch to make these myself.

    1. These bases cost a whopping 85p each Robert so I would say its not worth making them yourself.


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