Sunday, 24 August 2014

On The Paint Table

Back again with On the Paint Table and I am still carrying on with getting the fluff for the Partizan game ready. Strange that I am adding more points of interest for the table and still have a number of things to finish off to be ready in time for Other Partizan on 7th September in Newark. Once again I will be running a Very British Civil war game, in fact this time one of two VBCW game that are going to be there, and more on that shortly, but I need to have other green and pleasant land finished in time.

As you can see the paint table this week is mainly animals such of pheasants, I still have not started them, rabbits and deer, all from WarBases but also some barrels and other packages, a farmer, a van with draught horse and a Celtic cross.

Here you can see that some of the animals have been started well basecoated, these being the rabbits, on the front two bases, the deer and a pheasant. If I work hard enough I am hoping that these should be finished by the end of next week.

But besides the animals I have some barrels and boxes that I have to finished too to add some farmyard litter and also , hopefully the farmer who is sitting, finished as well. Also I have a Celtic Cross to complete and finish too and more on why is an follow up post.

Also there is a horse drawn van and horse to finish, again to add character but also can be used during the game for transporting things and possible troops. There is another reason for them and that is because we forget that horse drawn vans where still being used in the 1930s and would like them to be included on the battlefield.

I also have a couple of hand carts to be finished to, so far I have only half finished one the other one is still needed to be built.

Anyway have a great weekend and have a good time.



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Is Now On Google Plus

Like yesterday news that Wargame Bloggers Quarterly is on Facebook today I would like to tell you that WBQ now has a Google Plus page too. Again this is to reach a wider audience and also have a base where we can post extra content on. So if you like to join the fun and sign up for WBQ please follow this link.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly has got a Facebook page

Yes indeed we have entered the 21st century and now have an information page for Wargames Bloggers Quarterly on Facebook. This is to promote the eZine and to get it to a wider audience, like wargamers who dont blog or use blogger, I know but there some out there. Hopefully this will expand WBQ so that other content that cannot appear in the eZine such as videos and extra articles, etc can be added and posted to enhance the eZine. Fot those of you who use Facebook and are interested in the eZine could you please like the page thanks. The link for the Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Facebook page is Here.

Thanks you and have a nice day.



Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Return to On The paint Table

Yes indeed I have returned to On The Paint Table this week after a few weeks off with Wargames Bloggers Quarterly, more on that in a while, being in hospital for an operation, getting an infection in the would once I was out and having the best news ever, Mrs PK's thyroid cancer looks like it has all been got and has the all clear, which I am so happy about and working on getting the Partizan game and table sorted.

With Other Partizan just around the corner, on the 7th September, or three weeks away, I have been putting the finishing touches to the game and what we see on the paint table it this. Now I have been doing something to firstly the show tables and now either in my own wargames and that is adding bits and pieces of interest to them. Now at shows this helps draw people in to the table, adds a point of interest and something other that toy soldiers to look and gives a general talking point. Now I am finding that I am putting bits and bobs on my gaming tables.

So start with the tour of the table. First up are some cows, actually English Longhorns. Now some of you might think why more cows PK but you can never have enough cows if you ask me. Now these English Longhorns are from WarBases and at part of their figurine range that they are doing. These can be done as English Longhorns or even Texas Longhorns and are lovely figures. I am painting them up as English Longhorns as there are a number of herds in Leicestershire and native to the county, well ish. I am not totally sure if there where here in the 1930s but actually I don't care as I like them and these can be used for other periods and purposes from cattle for the dark ages to draught animals.

If you pop other to the WarBases Facebook Page there is a competition going on.

Next up is some chickens and pheasants, they are the ones on the round bases and look a bit like black blobs again by WarBases. Now I have a chicken house already but Petite Properties who are a dolls house manufacture.

But what is the point of a chicken house without any chickens some these are for that. Again the pheasants are for more clutter to add to the fields.

 Lastly are the horse drawn vans and draught horses and yes you have guessed it, these too are from WaseBases too. The horses are in fully tact and are really nice examples of draught horses. I am painting them up as good old shire horses though I am not totally sure of the colours as yet but I might have a black one and a bay. The van, which types like these where still being used in the 1930s, will be painted up in a local companies name, though as to the name I am not sure yet.

Now to news on the Wargame Bloggers Quarterly front. As you might of noticed this was launched to everyone last weekend and since then we have had over thousand downloads as the eZine which is beyond my wildest expectations and dreams. So thanks to everyone who has spent the time to download and rad it. They will be another edition coming out October time and it should be packed with articles and even one from yours truly. Within the next few days there will be a Facebook page and a Google Plus page to where you can find more information on the project and remember if you would like to contribute to the eZine please email us at the following email I would like to take this time to personally thank all that have been involved in the project, you know who you are.

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves.



Friday, 15 August 2014

The Farm, Partizan and the Final Leg

Well I am on the final leg of the farm and I am glad to say at least the building will be ready for Other Partizan in Newark on 7th September. I have been enjoying this form of modelling which I have to admit I don't ready do, bit of a basic building chap myself, but I have totally enjoyed it, but I do have the base for this and the windmill to complete.

As you can see for the above pictures, I have finished a fair amount of the farm. I have painted the roof to give an impression of slate, the most common roofing material in Leicestershire, even the gravestones around here are made from stale, and I think I have got the right feel and weight to them and it is a nice contrast with the pinky brick.

The roofing slates was done by basecoating the roof black and then I used Vallejo Model Colour Gray Black to dry brush over the tiles and to give a base and then mixed this colour with Vallejo Game Colour Sombre Grey and drybrushed this colour mix over the Gray Black level. After this I used a very water down black to wash and shade the slates again and drybrushed pure Sombre Grey over again to been out the detail. Finally I drybrushed lightly with Army Painters Uniform Grey to lighten it up a bit and bring out the final details. 

After he roof I came to add the details to the farm like the chimneys, windows and doors. The chimneys where painted to match the brickwork but I was surprised that the tops of the chimneys around here are either painted black or have a row of black bricks at the top. So as I am painting a Leicestershire farm I painted the top black and the chimney pots I painted terracotta and blacken the tops of them to give the impression of soot.

Next up was the windows and the roofing lintel. I elected to paint them white as most of the window frames are white around here an here too and also to add contrast and lighten up the building, which I think it has done.

Then came the doors when I had to think long and hard about which colour to do them. I originally though of doing them a deep red but in the end I decided to paint them green using Vallejo Model Colour Brown Violet as it gave it that farm house feel and I had painted the doors and shutters of the windmill green as well, so I could tire them together.

The only thing left to do its the yard which I have glued some sand to the base and I am going to paint as a rough tarmac, that's my job for today and then the farm is finished. Next up will be the farm animals.

Have a great day.



Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bricks, Dust and the Farm

Well I have made a start and completed the brickwork for the farm and I have to say it has come out rather nicely. But there has been a couple of problems with it too but firstly the positives. I tried to recreate that Victorian brick look that is rather common around here in Leicestershire and i was a little shocked to find out that uniformed the colour of the older Victorian bricks are especially compared to the 1930s bricks and the modern ones.

As I was surprised by the colour of them too as they are a lot more pinker that reddy brown colour so I have painted then in Vallejo Game Colours' Tan as the base coat. I then washed it using a very watery black paint to pick out the bricks and mortar and give it that old brick look. Now a word to the wise, the filla I used for the bricks had an unforeseen effect when the wash was added and that was to wash away some of the details in some areas, no totally sure why as it was dry when used but maybe I should of let the filla to dry for longer, but strangely the effect actually enhanced the overall as it made it look like weathering.

So once the black/grey wash had dried I then sort of drybrushed the brickwork again with the Tan colour and then worked up the colour by adding Vallejo Model Colour |Deck Tan to lighten it and bring out more details. I was pleased the this brought out the details very well and the rough rendering I did before the scoring of the brickwork made the whole effect a lot more natural.

Now that the brickwork has been completed and it looks to me like the farm is actually being built, the next part is the lintels and the roof to be done. The question is what colour to paint them. The roofing tiles I think I am going to paint them slate grey as that is the most common roofing around here but the lintels thats another question. I am thinking of painting them that 1930s grey/green colour along with the doors and having the window painted white or I might paint them black, we will have to wait and see.

Anyway back to the farm and everyone have a nice day.



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Down on the Farm

Well I have finished rendering the farm and started on the carving for the brickwork as the farms around here are brick rather rendered, the buggers, I wish the farmers had rendered their buildings as it would of been a lot easier to do.

So out with the steel ruler and my new sculpting tools and I scored horizontal lines to start with and then vertical ones that where offset to gave the impression of brickwork. Now I didn't quite make the rendered surface total smooth, in fact it was quite a bit bumpy but actually when I started the vertical lines down it gave the impression of old bricks and actually looks right.

I know the bricks are a little on the large side but I rather like them like that and the fact I would of gone insane if I had them to scale, there would of been bloody hundreds if not thousands of them to do and I think that they would of looked a mess.

I think when working in miniature scale, especially a very small scale, it is better to exaggerate it and give a good impression than to go for scale. Now that I have finished all the brickwork, I am aiming for that Victorian or Edwardian feel to the farm I think the oversize brick work and looks rather nice when the whole farm is together.

Now the lintels are in place and drying the next part to come is the painting of it. I am going to go for the terracotta colour for the bricks with a bit of red in it to redden it up a bit and I guess this is where the fun starts.



Monday, 11 August 2014

The Windmill and the The Farm for Other Partizan

Well enforced to be off work has had a couple of pluses and that is I have been able to crack on with the Windmill and the farm but to the Windmill first. The windmill from WarBases, my go to place for all my MDF needs, has come along rather nicely. After cladding the small store hut with wooden coffee stirrers for McDs, I got to the main body of the windmill and to painting it. Now I did think of what colour to paint it and thought to paint it in natural wood colour or black/black brown colour but instead I went for a colour that always reminds me of windmills, white.

So I set about painting the woodwork and planks white and making them a little like that had been painted by hand and also a little weathered. I also wanted to contrast this with black slating for the roof and to add a little colour in the form of that iconic green from the 1930s for the doors and shutters.

I thought about the sails/blades of the mill and what colour that they should be and was going to paint them dark brown until I looked at some reference material and realised that them are usually painted black so I did that and painted them black.

I have to say I am rather pleased with the kit, it is simple to put together and a simple addition of a store hut at the back makes it in my personal option and the whole thing came under ten pounds too which aren't too bad either.

Now I still have a base to add to it and so sacks and barrels to be placed along it and maybe a miller too if I have the time.

Now to the farm. This beauty is from Petite Properties and is in fact a 1/48th or quarter scale dolls house or farm. I have to say firstly it is a big kit with lots of parts to put together and it is not a kit to rush. To give you an idea on just how big it is the dimensions are, 23cm wide, 15.8cm high and 16.3cm in depth and it comes with window frames, door and even "glass" to put into the windows. Now this is a shell for you to work on but the instructions are some of the best I have ever seen and even gives ideas on have to rendered and texture the farm.

As it is just the shell with no texture or patterning on it I have decided I needed a little more to the building. True I could of just painted it as it is saying that it is a fine render but I wanted a little more to it. So I have used a filla to create a texture to the farm a sort of render as you like and put it on roughly at first and then smoothed it after using a palette knife.

But now I cant decide if I want a render or to do brick work, like most of the farm building in Leicestershire. Now as this is going to be for my Very British Civil War game, as is the windmill, at Other Partizan in September and like all the other VBCW games it is being set in Leicestershire I guess it should be brick work.

So I am going to let this dry overnight and see about adding a brickwork pattern to the filla texture and seeing what it will look like. If worst comes to the worst I could re-render it again.

Anyway have a great day.



Saturday, 9 August 2014

Announcing Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

The Wargame Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ) is a FREE community driven electronic magazine
(PDF e-Zine) composed of the best wargames and miniature painting content from the collective

The purpose of the WBQ is to help promote wargaming and miniature painting and ensure that
the best material generated by participants in the hobby is available to the wider community in the long term.

Any individual is free to submit content to WBQ for publication. Submissions may not have been
published in any other e-Zine, printed magazine or other publication to prevent copyright infringement (with the exception of the author’s own personal blog). All content remains the copyright of the author at all times and will be fully credited upon publication.

If you want to know more about WBQ you can read our charter Here or you can contact the current Editor-in-Chief via email on

Download your copy of WBQ Issue One Here.

Important: WBQ is specially designed for tablet and/or PC viewing and contains high-resolution images and other content that look great when zoomed in or viewed full page. Make sure you download your copy rather than view it online to get the very best experience!
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