Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Return to On The paint Table

Yes indeed I have returned to On The Paint Table this week after a few weeks off with Wargames Bloggers Quarterly, more on that in a while, being in hospital for an operation, getting an infection in the would once I was out and having the best news ever, Mrs PK's thyroid cancer looks like it has all been got and has the all clear, which I am so happy about and working on getting the Partizan game and table sorted.

With Other Partizan just around the corner, on the 7th September, or three weeks away, I have been putting the finishing touches to the game and what we see on the paint table it this. Now I have been doing something to firstly the show tables and now either in my own wargames and that is adding bits and pieces of interest to them. Now at shows this helps draw people in to the table, adds a point of interest and something other that toy soldiers to look and gives a general talking point. Now I am finding that I am putting bits and bobs on my gaming tables.

So start with the tour of the table. First up are some cows, actually English Longhorns. Now some of you might think why more cows PK but you can never have enough cows if you ask me. Now these English Longhorns are from WarBases and at part of their figurine range that they are doing. These can be done as English Longhorns or even Texas Longhorns and are lovely figures. I am painting them up as English Longhorns as there are a number of herds in Leicestershire and native to the county, well ish. I am not totally sure if there where here in the 1930s but actually I don't care as I like them and these can be used for other periods and purposes from cattle for the dark ages to draught animals.

If you pop other to the WarBases Facebook Page there is a competition going on.

Next up is some chickens and pheasants, they are the ones on the round bases and look a bit like black blobs again by WarBases. Now I have a chicken house already but Petite Properties who are a dolls house manufacture.

But what is the point of a chicken house without any chickens some these are for that. Again the pheasants are for more clutter to add to the fields.

 Lastly are the horse drawn vans and draught horses and yes you have guessed it, these too are from WaseBases too. The horses are in fully tact and are really nice examples of draught horses. I am painting them up as good old shire horses though I am not totally sure of the colours as yet but I might have a black one and a bay. The van, which types like these where still being used in the 1930s, will be painted up in a local companies name, though as to the name I am not sure yet.

Now to news on the Wargame Bloggers Quarterly front. As you might of noticed this was launched to everyone last weekend and since then we have had over thousand downloads as the eZine which is beyond my wildest expectations and dreams. So thanks to everyone who has spent the time to download and rad it. They will be another edition coming out October time and it should be packed with articles and even one from yours truly. Within the next few days there will be a Facebook page and a Google Plus page to where you can find more information on the project and remember if you would like to contribute to the eZine please email us at the following email I would like to take this time to personally thank all that have been involved in the project, you know who you are.

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves.




  1. Lots of good stuff going on there.

  2. its all go for PK! Looking good.

  3. A busy week for you!

    I've very pleased to read the new of Mrs PK - now to get your own health sorted!

  4. That is great news about Mrs PK. Lovely stuff on you table Pete!

  5. Great news regards Mrs PK! Give her our best mate.

  6. It must be such a relief to have Mrs PK back on the righ track. Excellent news.

  7. I love all of it and must get some of those pheasants.

  8. Good news all round! I've always been frightened of cows (which is why I eat so many of them) but the idea of painting some for a wargame so I can blow them up appeals!

  9. To be honest I didn't get much of this posting after the thyroid cancer news. Honestly there are news - in this case fortunately good news - which eclipse anything else...

    My best whishes to Mrs PK. I dearly hope that the good news prove true!

    All the very best for you and you kin!


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