Sunday, 24 August 2014

On The Paint Table

Back again with On the Paint Table and I am still carrying on with getting the fluff for the Partizan game ready. Strange that I am adding more points of interest for the table and still have a number of things to finish off to be ready in time for Other Partizan on 7th September in Newark. Once again I will be running a Very British Civil war game, in fact this time one of two VBCW game that are going to be there, and more on that shortly, but I need to have other green and pleasant land finished in time.

As you can see the paint table this week is mainly animals such of pheasants, I still have not started them, rabbits and deer, all from WarBases but also some barrels and other packages, a farmer, a van with draught horse and a Celtic cross.

Here you can see that some of the animals have been started well basecoated, these being the rabbits, on the front two bases, the deer and a pheasant. If I work hard enough I am hoping that these should be finished by the end of next week.

But besides the animals I have some barrels and boxes that I have to finished too to add some farmyard litter and also , hopefully the farmer who is sitting, finished as well. Also I have a Celtic Cross to complete and finish too and more on why is an follow up post.

Also there is a horse drawn van and horse to finish, again to add character but also can be used during the game for transporting things and possible troops. There is another reason for them and that is because we forget that horse drawn vans where still being used in the 1930s and would like them to be included on the battlefield.

I also have a couple of hand carts to be finished to, so far I have only half finished one the other one is still needed to be built.

Anyway have a great weekend and have a good time.




  1. Lovely stuff Pete. The deer and pheasant should make for a tempting bit of poaching when chaps tire of shooting at one another. Looking forward to seeing them done.
    My mother grew up in a village (Frenchham) in Surrey in the 1930s and remembered the horse-drawn carts of the local grocers, delivery men, and gypsies - a very common sight until at least the war.

  2. It is all nice work, PK. But I'm loving the animals the most. Have fun painting this stuff up.

  3. All coming together very nicely.

  4. Some good stuff on the go, your desk is overflowing


  5. Excellent VBCW players do seem to produce lovely accessories for their games!

  6. Some very nice stuff there PK!

  7. I do love all the bits and pieces that go into making the board truly eye catching. Looking forward to seeing the finished.

  8. The Warbases animals are very nice, the stag in particular looks very regal. Horsedrawn carts/carriages, look forward to seeing them finished.

  9. I agree, the animals look great, especially the stag.

  10. What a plethora of Natures creatures! Looking forward to seeing those finished!

  11. Lots of interesting stuff on the go PK! Really looking forward to seeing this all come together for OP.

  12. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result. All the farm animals makes me think of Pig Wars where animals were loot counters.

  13. Superb. Glad to see the troops won't be going hungry this winter.

  14. Nice addiitions there. I'm looking forwards to seeing the painted version of the animals.



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