Thursday, 7 August 2014

Something New This Way Comes................

Something special is coming this way on Friday Night so stay turned not to miss out.

Now back to normal broadcast, I have managed to clad the little storage hut at the back of the windmill today with McD's coffee stirrers, has anyone ever stirred their coffee with these? What I have learnt is that McDs has at least two different types of stirrers and planking a building is not much fun when is it hot, the glue actually drying before getting the plank in place. But it is all done now and I am rather happy with the result. Next is the basecoat the windmill and render the walls of the farm. I think I will finish the windmill first and then tackle the farm as I wait for the sculpting tools to turn up.




  1. The Mill is coming on well. And will admit to being intrigued by WBQ.

  2. Good use of your enforced "rest"

  3. McD's coffee stirrers are extremely useful just not for stirring things. The cladding looks fantastic. As to the heat now you have a limited idea of what its like here in American in the summer 80 degrees F and up all summer!

  4. It's looking very fine. I usually steal a bunch of wooden stirrers every time I visit Fivebucks.


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