Monday, 18 August 2014

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly has got a Facebook page

Yes indeed we have entered the 21st century and now have an information page for Wargames Bloggers Quarterly on Facebook. This is to promote the eZine and to get it to a wider audience, like wargamers who dont blog or use blogger, I know but there some out there. Hopefully this will expand WBQ so that other content that cannot appear in the eZine such as videos and extra articles, etc can be added and posted to enhance the eZine. Fot those of you who use Facebook and are interested in the eZine could you please like the page thanks. The link for the Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Facebook page is Here.

Thanks you and have a nice day.




  1. Damn I'm going to have to use that facebook crap.

  2. Arggghhh me too ... this is a wonderful idea by the way.

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