Saturday, 6 September 2014

No On the Paint Table as I am off to Other Partizan

Yes indeed I am off to Other Partizan tomorrow, Sunday 7th and I am looking forward to it but it does mean that there is no On the paint Table this week. However you get the see the plan for tomorrow's game.

The Battle of Manor Farm

After the engagement at the cricket game the Duke of Rutland, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, the 10th Duke, was angry with the loss of his, well the local Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache, of the Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF, Belvoir Command, now included in BUF Legion VI “Ironsides”, red Crossley car and had given orders to find this at all costs. Meanwhile Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache was also on the look out for his, well his wife's car, as home life has not been so sweet since.

At the same time with winter coming, the patrols and raids are being sent out to gather supply from the supporting area and beyond and hearing of a prize herd of English Longhorns will belonged to Lord Quenby had been stolen by Anglican League fellas operating in the local area and recently been discovered at Manor Farm near Launde Abbey. The Duke has decided to get these fine animals back and use them as a bargaining point with Lord Quenby, Major (Rtd) Shukburgh Ashby-De Lisle, VC, DSC, MC, making sure that Lord Quenby's troops stay loyal to the King's cause.

Meanwhile at Manor Farm a couple of platoons of Anglican League from Peterborough and Leicestershire are resting after spending a long two weeks training at Launde Abbey itself and being billeted at the farm are looking forward to a few days off.


Standard Platoon with two sections each with one support element. No AFVs or artillery as they would the supplies and cattle alive. A third section can be brought in after turn three.

The factions involved are:

The Duke of Rutlands Royalist and BUF forces
The Launde Abbey Anglican League forces


As winter is coming and all factions need to feed their armies and populace and keep them warm over the coming cold months, so to this end the Duke has sent out forces to raid the other factions resource centre and take back the supply/good to Belvoir Castle.

Also the Dukes force MUST retrieve the English Longhorn cattle.

If the Dukes forces discovery Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache, red Crossley Car they are to bring it back to every Sub-Commander, Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache if the unit is BUF or to Duke of Rutland, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, the 10th Duke, it another Royalist unit.

The Anglican League mission is to stop the supplies fall into the enemies’ hands.

The Playing Area

We will be playing over a 8 foot by 6 foot table with Manor Farm being towards the centre of the table. The Anglican League will set up in and around the farm and its buildings with the Dukes Forces coming on from any of the side other sides.

Now today will be packing the farm, the animals, all the terrain, etc and packing the car for an early start. So if you are at the show please pop over and say hi and have a chat.

Have a great weekend




  1. Looks like it will be a cracker game PK! Enjoy it!

  2. I shall look forward to a report on the game and the show. Have fun.

  3. Have a great weekend PK...sorry I won't be able to make it..

  4. Have a good day tomorrow, lots of hard work have got you a great looking table


  5. Great game set-up, PK. I hope you have a good day.

  6. Great looking table. Enjoy yourself sir!

  7. Stunning work. I hope you enjoyed the show !

  8. Nice looking table. I hope you had fun.



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