Sunday, 14 September 2014

Partizan and the Battle for Manor Farm

I had a great weekend at Partizan meeting up with some good friends and fellow bloggers. The number of games and the quality of them was amazing and there was even two Very British Civil War games there too.

Here are some photos from the day and a bit of a report. But firstly thanks for everyone for turning up and it was a good day gaming and lots of interest too including one of the Perrys having a butchers.

Firstly we tried out a new initiative phase and unit activation for the game, which on the whole worked well, if at times it was a little frustrating. Basically every player had a number of cards equally to the number of units they had and these cards had numbers on them. When that number was drawn from the deck, that unit would activate and perform all they actions, move and shoot, move, shoot and move, rush into hand to hand, etc. Also in the deck with two other cards, a Random Event Card and a Turn Over Card.

The Random Event Card means a Random Event is drawn by the player who last activated their unit and is played.

The Turn Over Card is just that, the turn ends. This is to represent the commander not being able to get messages through, sections trying to understand the orders given, simply not wanting to advance and come under fire, etc. This card acts as a randomiser and can mean that the players might not get to perform all the forces actions and the player as the command has to think about wish units will have the most effect.

They will be more on this soon. Now back to the battle.

The AL was holding Manor Farm and the surrounding area and supplies with the Royalists forces charged with gathering those supplies and bringing them back to their base. The Initial assault from the Royalist forces started will will the AL platoon charged with the protection of the farm taking heavy casualties after cutting down a Royalist section coming up the road in formation. The AL forces protecting the farm them came on the end of a combined assault and rifle fire with one section being cut to pieces from Royalists HMG fire, (9 out of 12 hits), but these AL troops can made of stern stuff and despite the heavy casualties being inflicted on them, two sections at or under half strength, they held their ground and slowed down assault of the Royalists.

The second AL forces guarding the right flank of the farm and the English Longhorn cattle faired must better. They took up positions in the fields and hedges and rained fire down on the Royalist forces attack them and the centre. But I have to report that they mortar team did use the local Morris Team as a marker for ranging in and shelling the Royalist left flank. Combined with the rifle sections firing at the BUF, together with the mortar fire, these BUF chaps where pinned down, (I have to say it was down to mainly the Unit Cards not coming out before the Turn Over Card).

The AL section protecting the farm withdrew to the farm and had a commanding position of he centre the Royalist right flank involved in the bitter hedgerow battle to gain control there and the left flank pinned at the windmill the battle turned in the AL favour forcing the Royalist forces to retreat with a couple of herds of cattle, some supplies from the windmill but failed to get the English Longhorn cattle and the Dukes car. But the BUF did manage to set fire to the windmill and thus stopped the AL forces from having a valuable resource. But the victory lay with the AL for holding the farm and most of the supplies.

All in all it was a great day and it was good to meet up with Loki from Loki's Great Hall and Simon Miller from BigRedBatCave. I also learned that you need to charge your batteries for your camera and check the blooming thing works before trying to take pictures as I lost over half of the picture I took this way, but some did come out.

So have a great week ahead.




  1. Totally stunning layout PK! Love the table.

  2. Sounded like a bloody good game Pete.

  3. Excellent all round! You set a very high benchmark with those games, PK.

  4. Great looking game, this table is simply amazing!

  5. Great looking game with lots of detail.

  6. Great looking table Pete sorry I missed it.

  7. Serious eye candy PK! Well done mate.

  8. Beautiful scenery. Glad you enjoyed, PK.

  9. Just curious ... did the red phone boxes exist then? Loved the smoke effect using cotton by the way.

  10. SUCH a nice table. Love the livestock, the gypsy caravan, the cricketers (?) holding the windmill, the handsome cards you've designed and the burning windmill. The activation and turn ends suddenly mechanics sound very Too Fat Lardies - some love that approach, some hate it.
    Cheers, Micharl

  11. Nice report. The table looked great!

  12. Love this layout - going to use it as the tabletop for a game of Warhammer 40k, which is creating the narrative for my sci-fi novel. Was looking on the web for a good farm layout, and this wins. Thanks.


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