Thursday, 2 October 2014

Heavy Metal for the Duke

I bet some of you have wondered where I have disappeared too well I have been busy writing and rewriting rules for Went the Day Well. I have to say it has been a worth while project and it is nearing completion but I would like to see this does not mean I have written a 2nd Edition rules but rather added in some new rules and alternative rules for the game and hopefully the new additional rules will be in a book with scenarios and it will be released shortly.

Indeed the Duke of Rutland has invested in some serious hardware in the form of a Vickers Medium tanks, a Vickers MKVIb light tank and a Recce Carrier. I have painted these in the colours used at the start of the Second World War so I can use these both for my Early War BEF and for my VBCW forces.

I still have some more stuff that I need to add like a 3" mortar, a second section of infantry and some HQ extras. I have to say I am very pleased with the results of the armour.

Hopefully I should get around to posting again over the weekend and on Saturday I will be at Derby shopping and generally wondering around. So if you are there say Hi.

Also hopefully I will be receiving my copy of Mars Attacks the board game from Mantic games tomorrow or Saturday and when it arrives I will do my first unboxing.

Have a great time



  1. These are absolutely lovely! Great work as ever, and good idea painting them in early war colours. Fantastic stuff, I really need to get into VBCW sooner rather than later

  2. Wonderful painting. The Vickers Medium Tank is my favourite of the batch. Who makes it?

  3. Looking good Petal. Very wise to paint the vehicles for a multi period use.

  4. This might seem trivial but that blue checkered background actually makes the miniatures look even better (they are already lovely work btw).

  5. I just have to have one of those Medium tanks, sigh.

  6. Nice, PK. Love the hound!

  7. They are lovely Petal, damn nearly missed them, which would have been a shame.


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