Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday, Sunday is Here Again

Yes a quote from Blur to start the post, not a bad way to go, well maybe. This mornings offers is a start of my long waiting project for Donnybrook by the League of Augsburg and Warfare Miniature. Instead of using the wonderful background that is well presented in the book, I have opted to go for a wee bit earlier and do War of the Three Kingdoms or English Civil War. I do love the rules and I am planning of doing Donnybrook for the American War of Independence and/or Nappies too, mainly as it I fancy using some those Perry Miniatures. So back to ECW.

This is my first unit for this and it is a militia unit raised to fight for King or Parliament. I have thought about going down the root of painting named regiments and such but instead I think the best way is to have coloured regiments instead.

Now saying that this unit is actually based on a real regiment, John Bright's Regiment of Foote. John Bright's regiment was raised in Sheffield in 1643. Bright having previously raised and commanded a troop of cavalry. The Foot regiment would last beyond the restoration of Charles II.
Although not formally part of the New Model Army, Bright and his regiment were prestigious enough to warrant comment from the better known characters of the period. Piecing a history of the regiment together has proved difficult because of the length of service, and one fears, a coverup of the units actual movements at the restoration.

One main source stands out, "The memoirs of Captain John Hodgson" is a rip roaring blast through the Civil War in the North of England, but how long Hodgson was with the regiment is not clear.

The regiment has grey jackets and I have gone along with the idea of a unit on campaign or the fact the maybe the uniformed with the jackets and the rest of the uniform was the troopers own clothing. So I have grey, green, brown and russet trousers and there is a mixture of hats and even two troops is an actually uniform.

The unit of a mixture of equipment too, some with bandoliers, some with bandoliers with a leather cover over them to keep the charges nice and dry, in a "Hunting Style" and some with a pouch on a belt in what is called "Oxford Style". Going back to the bandoliers with the leather covers, this is quite strange as originally this was thought that only specialist troops had these but over the years people of been finding these is lots of museums up and down the country and have realised that these are a lot more common that thought. Personally I think it would of been as it is a very good way of keeping the power dry and actually just makes sense. Also some of the troops have short leather jerkins on, which I assume are more for warmth and protection for the elements than protection from pointy things, though it work I guess.

I have painted the "turn backs" blue and also did this on the ribbons of the trousers, some of the stockings and the bandoliers. This is to add colour to the figures as these are rather drab of neutral in tone but who actually knows if they actually back turnbacks in colours or they simply the sleeves rolled back to make it easier to fight and firing the musket.

I am also planning on using these figures for my Witchfinder General game by Dashing Dice Games, thanks there Michael over at 28mm Victorian Warfare for showing me the way as this is a great set of rules and recreates that Hammer House of Horror feel.

Anyway have a great weekend and see you soon.



  1. These look superb Pete, where are they from? Also the whole photo shoot with the background looks amazing and that building rather steals the show, where did you get it, I think I may need one. Thanks also for the shout out, very kind of you Sir.

    1. Thanks there Michael, the figures are mainly from Redoubt Enterprises and one of them is a Bicorne Miniatures, the one at the front in the last picture. As for the building it is from 4Ground and it is there town hall in the ECW range.

    2. As for the shout out you deserve it as you have an amazingly good blog

    3. Thank you for that Pete (on all counts, very kind of you) but that building is definitely on on my Christmas list!

  2. Very smart! I agree with Michael, the building really sets the scene.

  3. Great figures and background both in the set up and in the info.


  4. Fantastic Pete! My son is showing some interest in ECW and I have always wanted to game it also. A good friend of mine is going the 6mm route for massed armies, which has great appeal, but posts like your make my very indecisive!

    What references would you recommend for the antipodean newcomer to the EWC who wants to know more about the various regiments and campaigns (i.e. deeper than Osprey style coverage)

  5. Excellent stuff Pete! Lovely photos!

  6. Great looking setup PK. Taking time to lay out a decent scene really helps your photos pop. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

  7. Excellent work, Pete !
    The figures look really great and the terrain you put them in is awesome. And a very interesting background lessen.

    A perfect start for monday morning. ;-)


  8. Lovely stuff PK. ECW is a period I am often tempted are not helping.... Although I would have to be a parliamentarian!

  9. Great looking unit mate. Top job :D


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