Saturday, 18 October 2014

The War Comes to Leicestershire and Rutland


I have been doing a spot of thinking about the war in Leicestershire and Rutlandshire and this has led to thinking about the major players and characters involved in the conflict. Strangely though I have thought about this and have come from the Royalist forces angle first and I am not sure why. So I am planning to write up the Royalist characters, their background, motives and personality and then the Socialist characters. With this I will also add what has happened, whats going on and what the future will bring on the East Midland Front. But first of all here is the start and may I introduce the Duke of Rutland.

The Duke of Rutland, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet

Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, is the 10th Duke of Rutland, personal friend to King Edward VIII and loyal supporter of him and Mosley’s Government. The Duke is a member of the King’s Inner Circle after arranging secret meetings between The King and then Mrs Simpson just outside of Leicester at Ingarsby Hall, before the war started. The Duke is a member of the British Union of Fascists holding the rank of Staff Officer 4, District Inspecting Officer. He has personally raised his own company of BUF troopers, The Duke of Rutland’s Own BUF, which is semi-independent, but is part of the BUF Legion VI “Ironsides” and is part of Severn Valley and Midlands Division regional command. He is one of the more capable Royalist commanders in the East, mainly fighting around Leicester, trying up the Socialist forces in the city, but also he has held commands in East Anglian and Lincolnshire.

The Duke is a rather ambitious man, seeing his way to advance his social standing by standing loyal to the King and to the King’s Government. He is a rather capable commander, even though he has had little actually military experience, mainly gained from his command of the Rutlandshire Territorials and Yeomanry. He is a gifted leader, with good interpersonal skills and a likable personality, but he does suffer from a bit of vanity and he does like to socialise more than perform his civic duties. However, people do like him and he is perceived as being a man of the people and rather like the King.

A part of the Dukes success he small group of commanders that he has around him, in which he give them freedom to carry out The Royalists plans, though at times this does bring him into conflict with them but he has the good sense to never sack again of them.

His motto Deo et Regi Fidelis, Loyal to God and King, and happily uses the symbols, history and legend of Richard III to help unify and installed pride in his forces.




  1. Love the background detail and the table look stunning as always. Not quite as detailed but this is our take on the AVBCW in the West Country:

    Our narrative campaign has been quiet to say the least due to work, family and other distractions. However it is easy to pick up from where we left off when we are ready...

  2. A great narrative and the game looks pretty cool too!

  3. What a jolly good chap this Duke is.

  4. I say dear chap what an excellent table that looks. Up the Royalists. And down with the Traitors!

  5. Now that's a table! Wonderful set up and a fascinating read.

  6. Love the fluff of the characters and the tables and miniatures you guys use are always a pleasure to view again and again.


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