Monday, 29 December 2014

More Saxon Kings for Saga/Valhalla and a Longboat

Well I was lucky this Christmas and got a little time to paint and I thought that I would finish off Rædwald, King of Anglia and his bodyguard and banner man, again these are from Gripping Beast. I guess I will finish this Saga boat that I am on, but at the moment there doesn't seem to be an end and I am rather happy about that. Anyway as I am actually putting on a game at Hammerhead in February, I am combining my two loves, Very British Civil War and the Dark Ages together, I wonder what or rather Hoo that can be about, it seemed fitting that I got around to Rædwald.

But more on that later, but firstly Rædwald and crew. I have to say I am impressed with these sculpts and in fact I remember seeing them years ago in Wargames Illustrated and wanted them then but never got around to getting them as I thought I would never play Dark Ages. I am glad I did as this as wonderful sculpts and are bagged full of character.

Rædwald is King of Anglia and is a rather famous chap or rather his helmet is rather famous, imagine being trumped by your helmet? Maybe you could see what the Hammerhead game might be about? I do like this figure, his pose and the way he is holding himself. I have gone for a rather bright violet tunic, not you can see much of that and a fancy yellow and jade hem. I have gone for a simple leather jerkin and mail with gold arm and leg protection as is fitting for a King. But I wanted the figure to be simple as the helmet is where it is at. The actually helmet is a copy of the Sutton Hoo helmet and I have tried to paint it as such which polished steel and silver inlays and gold trim. I think this makes him stand out rather nicely.

Next up is one of his bodyguard who has the famous Sutton Hoo shield or rather is carrying a shield that is similar to the Sutton Hoo shield. I have again gone for a simple palette for him with a green tunic and a jade trim and brighten this figure with a wonderfully bright helmet in bronze and gold and a red shield with bronze fittings. I think this has worked a treat with him and just lifts the figure.

The second bodyguard I have followed what I have done before with a muted palette for a natural weave cloak with a couple of red lines to add interest to it, a red tunic with green trim and a blue striped trousers. The helmet is basically mail with a iron crown and gold trim and the shield is freehand, yes folks I have not used any LittleBigMen transfers on him, is differing reds striped and a bit of blue to bring it out. I am rather happy with the result.

Lastly is Rædwald's banner man without a banner at the moment, I am waiting for this to turn up from LittleBigMen. I really like this figure as it is a simple figure to paint with just his cloak and trousers to worry about. I again have gone with a muted palette with him with a natural grey colour for his trousers and a muted blue colour for the cloak. For interest I have painted his helmet bronze and his horn in well horn colour to add some colour and brightness to him which I think I have managed to do.

Last up is the start of a Viking Longboat or Knarr which I got from WarBases at Partizan in the Park. The actual kit is rather simple with a resin hull and MDF parts and shields. Now for the money this is a good kit to use as a base and with a couple of simple additions I have turned it into something more like a Longboat. All I have done is to plank the fore and aft decks, made a rudder, added a couple of cross beams and wrapped some wire around the mast. Now the wire might get changed for some dental floss as I am not totally happy with it.

Next thing to do is to basecoat the whole thing black and get to painting the wood on it, but I am not sure as too paint it natural wood or go for something a little more colourful. I guess we will have to wait and see about that, but I need it finished for Hammerhead in February so I better make my mind up quickly.

Anyway that all from me folks and see you all soon. I have noticed that i am only two and a half thousand short of 300000 hits some if we make it by the New Year I will do a prize of a painting by me for one luck winner. So spread the word and if I reach 300000 hits by New Years Day then I will do a competition for one of you to win a painting by me.

Have a nice day.



  1. Hell yeah! Those guys are brilliant, very tidy work, PK!

  2. Have you read the novel "The Dig" by John Preston? It is a wonderful novel about the discovery of Sutton Hoo.Don't miss it.I t is one of the very few novels I have read that made me want to re read it again immediately I had finished it...

  3. I do like your painting, and the fact that you do pay attention to the small details I often forget about.

  4. Lovely Saxons and I can't wait to see the Longboat in all its glory.

  5. Fantastic paint work again PK! The longboat will be great!

  6. These vikings look really good. And reaching 300,000 hits should be a piece of cake for you. :)

  7. Some great looking figures you have there PK, love the ship as well, it should look pretty cool with a lick or two of paint. Good luck reaching the 300k mark. I putting my name on the prize now........................

  8. Marvellous stuff, PK! Sutton Hoo was close to where I lived and I've visited a few times.

  9. Excellent stuff on display here. Looking forward to see your progress on the Knarr.

  10. Love them, may well be enough to get me and the boy to Hammerhead this year.


  11. Very nice figures, I love the highly detailed painting. Thanks for sharing :)

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