Monday, 22 December 2014

Oi You'll Have Someone Eye Out With That!

See what I have done as I have painted out some more Anglo Danes for Saga/Valhalla this time in the form of King Harold Godwinson and his brothers. These figures are from Gripping Beast once again and are lovely figures. They are from their Heroes of the Viking Age range and are on the Heroic scale side of 28mm being closer to 32mm but lovely all the same.

First up is King Harold himself and he is a wonderfully posed figure with his Dane Axe and cloak, he is very imposing. There is a lot of detail on him with the fur on the cloak and his mail shirt to his leather jerkin under the mail and broach and sword he looks every inch the King he was. I had to go to town on him and gave him a lovely violet cloak with a yellow lining and a fancy cuffs to his tunic fitting someone of his status. I am rather pleased with the whole look and will prove to be a very valuable addition to my Anglo Dane force.

Next up is one of his brothers so lets call this one Gyrth. Again is his wonderfully posed and again looks every inch the hero that he is, I just wished I knew who the sculptor is as he has done a wonderful job on them. Again like Harold is has that typical Anglo Dane Huscarle look with his mail shirt and leather jerkin under it and his great Dane Axe in hand ready to come down on some poor foes head. I have gone for a more nature look with him and too am pleased with the way he has turned out.

Lastly is Harold's other brother Leofwine, who is a again in a wonderful pose with his Huscarle look and his Dane Axe ready for the swing. Again he is full of detail with his mail shirt and leather jerkin under it but also fine detail on the helmet brow and a small cross and chain around his neck. I have gone for a brighter palette for him, with a red tunic with a blue and white cuff and trim detail. I am also pleased with the way he turned out too.

I think this is one of the best sculpted sets that Gripping Beast do and I think something that all Dark Age fans should have and in fact even if you are not a fan of the Dark Ages you should get this set as it is so good and the figures are so nicely posed, I could see them in a fantasy RPG quite easily. It not often that I get carried away prizing figures but these do deserve it and whoever sculpted them, and they have the look of Bill Thornhill about them, they are blooming good.

So every have a good day and a very Merry Christmas from Mrs PK and me.



  1. They need to get to Hastings chop-chop! (tee-hee!)

    Exquisite work, PK!

    Merry Xmas to you and Mrs. PK, too!

  2. Just great painting work !
    32mm it's a normal size for Vikings in 28mm scale ! They were supposed to be very tall!

  3. Lovely work on these boys Petal.

    oh and a merry Xmas to you and Mrs PK :)

  4. Lovely painting again PK! Merry Christmas to you both!

  5. They look really nice! Merry Christmas!


  6. Great work, love the King Harold pose!!!

  7. It's all fun and games until someone loses a kingdom ....
    Brilliant work, PK. It's the little details like the sleeve cuffs that really do justice to these fine sculpts - heroes all.
    Wishing you and Mrs. PK a joyous Christmas and health and happiness in the new year.

  8. My word, Harold is a cracker of a paint job PK. Love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours mate!


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