Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Start of Something New, Well a New Illustration

Well here is something I have not done for a while and though I cannot say much about it or what it is for I can show you and explain a little. Having not done any illustrations for a couple of months, in fact the last one was the Wild West Law Marshal I did for Wargame Bloggers Quarterly and yes there is going to be a new one for the the E-Zine shortly, I though I would try again.

So I though it would be nice to go back to the begin and do another Very British Civil War illustration. Now this illustration, not the one above that's the Wild West Marshal, its the one above, is taken from the Canterbury front of a Anglican League tank crew posing for the camera. I have gone for that typical civilian look of a typical League militia unit with one of the crew wearing his civies, complete with flat cap and tank top and the other, the tank commander, wearing a French style tankers leather jacket and tank cap. I have gone for that generic look and it could easily be again of the factions in VBCW. The actually tank is a Vickers Medium Mk3, not that you could see that much of it.

I hope that you like it and you never know I might actually doing some prints of my illustrations for people to buy, not this one, if there is market for it, so let me know. Anyway have a nice day.



  1. Looking mighty fine PK, mighty fine!!!

  2. Two beautiful drawings...lots of action and character, PK.

  3. beautiful ! I like the Marshall but the second one is very nice, looks like a photography , very lifeful !

  4. Really nice work. I love the mug of tea and the fact that the tank commander looks middle aged and decidedly ordinary in his big glasses, like the old man from Up. Seems in keeping for the VBCW vibe.


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