Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Viking Warriors for Saga/Valhalla

Now that the Anglo Danes/Saxons have been done, for a while at least I have turned to my second Warband the Vikings. Well you cannot have just the one Saga army can you and beside if I need to fight another who has not played either game before it does give me I force for them to play with. So here is my first unit of Vikings and it is a unit of warriors.

Now this unit is from various figures that Gripping Beast do in they Viking range and frankly I have been watching too much Vikings on the History Channel. Now these figures are mainly metal figures, with three being plastics, not that you could tell which where which. I wanted this unit of warriors to be more like raiders than actual armoured clad warriors and I think as a unit of raiders they work well.

The bearer-chested warrior was one of the specials that Gripping Beast did in 2013 and to tell the truth I am not totally sure if he is a Viking or just a generic Dark Age warrior, but I actually like him and wanted him in my group.

I have actually enjoyed painting them chaps and have sort of limited myself to a small palette of colours to try and bring them together, which I think I have done but have kept them still rather individual too. I think I will be adding another unit of warriors at a later date, but they will be more you traditional armour clad warriors from the plastic Viking boxset but these I think fit the bill as I wanted them to be.

You all have a very nice day.



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