Saturday, 31 January 2015

Roll Up, Roll Up, Last Chance To Win

Indeed today is the last chance to win a painting of a Viking by your truly, so if you want a piece of my artwork and who knows in the future it might even be worth something, you need to click Here are name the Viking and get those entries in before the midnight tonight, GMT. Just simply follow the rules there and get yourself some artwork by me.

Also I have been busy finishing off a Viking Longboat and making a barrow too which I have to say has been great fun. Here are some teasers of it and a full post to follow.

So if you want to win click of the link and I will do drawing the results on Monday. As for me I am off the Castle Inn in Edgehill today thanks to my lovely wife.

Have a great weekend.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Some Viking/Saxon Levies

Well I have realised that I need some extra levies for my Saxons and Vikings so I have finished off another unit of them. I have made them sort of generic so that they can be fielded by either the Saxons or the Vikings but I still think that they are full of character.

These are from Gripping Beasts wonderful Dark Age Warrior plastic set and I think they work well. There is a ton of different options you can give these chaps and if fat when you mix and match with the Vikings and Saxons set you have a ton of different ideas for them and it makes them rather unique.

I have gone for slingers with this unit of levies and this set give you the option to make them. Now I am sure that slingers didn't carrier a shield into battle but I rather like them with one and to my mind I would carry one to protect myself.

I have used a brighter palette on these than normal with bright trim and I think it rather works. I have added a few pastels colours too and some rich earthy colours to uniform the unit. Now not all the figures in the unit are slingers as some carrier spears and javelins and some are wearing helmets to give the unit a little bit of interest and also to allow me a bit of flexibility when force designing.

Again I have added LittleBigMen Studios transfers, from their Dark Age range, I think some of these are actually generic Germanic/Saxon shields because I rather liked them and they added a bit more interest to the unit. I have to say that I am totally impressed with these designs as I am with all of LSM transfers.

Now there is still a competition going on until the end of this month if you would like to win a painting of a Viking by me. All you need to do is to comment on this thread HERE to be put in the hat. I am hoping that either next Sunday or Monday to do the draw and the lucky winner be announced. So pop over and have a go.

Have a great day.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Viking Longship, a Work In Progress

With Hammerhead just over a month away I have been busy getting stuff together for my game there. The game is based upon the discovery of the Saxon Longship in one of the barrows there and the supernatural happens that happen forthwith, Saxon ghosts rushing forward and attacking the archaeologists and there government guards. I will write more on this over the next couple of weeks along with the plot. But back to the Longship.

The basic ship is from WarBases, just who else would I use, lol, and I have to say it is a very serviceable Viking Knarr that comes with a resin hull and wooden knell, mast and shields but I wanted to add a little something to it to make it special.

So I added planking to front and rear of the ship made from coffee stirrers which I got from a fast food outlet and made a wooden planking for it. Now I think this is better than the plant resin block that was there before and has made it look more like a Knarr. I also added so crossbeams too, as I have seem this in drawings and reconstructions of these vessels. With the mast I used dental floss after trying wire which didn't look right and the dental floss has that rope like feel to it and comes up a treat once painted.

Then I got to work on the wooden decking to make it feel and look like ship as opposed to a block of resin. Si I drybrushed it with a very dark brown and drybrushed it with a red mahogany colour and then added some rosy flesh colour to bring out the details. Once this was dried I washed the whole ship with a reddy brown/black wash and drybrushed the middle and light tones to it again. I think it is starting to come to life and the details on the ship are rather nice. I painted the dental floss with a light sand colour and the effect has worked rather neatly and looks like rope to me.

The nice thing with the drying and this has happened but accident rather than design, is that it has given the Longship an aged look which is good and if I had thought about it before I started would of been something that I would of wanted but not really sure how to achieve it. Well I know how to do it now but well I remember next time I want to create that effect, who knows.

Now to adding a sail and before anyone says anything, yes I know the ship found at Sutton Hoo was just an outline and there was no mast or sail, but I wanted to have one okay. The actual sail is simply made from a J-Cloth which I wetted before rolling it into shape and adding the ropes, dental floss to it. I then undercoated the whole sail and part of the dental floss that was wrapped around the sail black and drybrushed the sail with various reds and then came the hard part, just how to do the rigging and ties. In the end I simply went for a wrap around the mast and I think it looks fine. I now need to paint the dental floss to make it look more like aged rope.

All in all I am rather happy with the results so far and the Warbases kit is a very neat base to work from.

Now there is still competition running to win a painting of a Viking by me so if you are interested in winning one of my paintings simple CLICK HERE! and name the chap. Here is work he looks like at the moment.

Well have a great time whatever you are doing.


Monday, 12 January 2015

Competition Time: What My Name?

Yes indeed it is Competition Time here at Château PK as we have managed to reach the 300,000 hits and a few more, so as I said I am going to run a give away to celebrate it. As I have stated before the competition will be to win one of my paintings, that's if you are interested and the one to win will be this Viking warrior, as I am on such a Dark Age trip at the moment.

At the moment he is unpainted but soon colour will be added to him and he will be in his full glory.

So just how do I win such a prize? I am glad that you asked and it is rather simple, so here are the rules.

  1. Firstly all you need to do is comment below and simply name this Viking. This will gain you one entry into the draw.
  2. Secondly, if you share this about the blogisphere or just on your blog you will get another entry into the draw, just put a link in the comments please.
  3. Lastly if you like you can choose to follow my blog and by doing so this will get you another entry in the draw.
So it is as simple as that. 

Now to win this you must comment and name the Viking by 31st January 2015 and I will do the draw and name the lucky winner shortly afterwards, mainly as Mrs PK and I will be spending a nice weekend at Edgehill then.

So best of Luck to you all.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

More Vikings for Saga

Yes indeed here are some more Vikings for Saga/Valhalla from Gripping Beasts Viking Hirdmen boxset and these are to fill in and create a new unit of Viking elites armed with Dane Axes that also can be used as berserkers.

There is something about a Viking warrior carried a dirty big axe that screams VIKINGS!!! As you can see I have gone for a more natural tones with the cloths this time but have given them red hair to make them stand out.

First out is what I think is a typical Viking. I love the pose I have managed to get with him with that sort of follow me to Valhalla look. I wanted him to a little special so I natural green tunic but with bright trim in red and blue and russet trousers to lift him from the others. With the red hair and beard it just set him off.

Next up is the classic Viking pose with great axe raised ready to crush his foe. I again have gone for the natural palette but this time in dark green with a little trim in a lighter colour just to been it out. He is wearing a classic Vendel Viking helmet, someone correct me if thats not what it is called and I have painted it to look like iron. I have to say I am rather pleased with the effect as to me it feels and looks like iron.

Lastly is a Viking with his rather large horn that comes in the boxset. Now this fellow is not for the elite unit but rather to replace one from from a warrior unit. I again like the pose on this fellow and with the natural tones for his tunic and his rather striking red beard I think he will stand out. I thought about doing the rope on the horn is a colour but I ended opting for a hemp colour which I think works better.

I am still a little shy of the 300000 mark but no competition this time but I am sure it will be soon.

Have a great day


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some More Anglo Dane Huscarles

Happy New Year there everyone and I hope it is going to be a good one for you all. I missed my target of getting to 300,000 hits by New Years Day by 1500 hits which is a bit of a bummer but rest assured once I actually hit the 300,000 mark I WILL run a competition to win a painting done by me, that's if anyone is interested. But firstly back to Anglo Danes.

Well over the gap between Christmas and the New Year I had a bit of time to do some painting and actually assembling some more figures from Gripping Beast's Saxon Thegn boxset. More I have said before just how more I like this boxset and the Viking one as I can building so much from it. This time I have gone for another unit of Huscarles with their dirty big Dane Axes and this time I have actually converted some of the axes, when I say converted I mean chopped about and glued together varies bit and bobs to create the axes.

First up is this imposing fellow. I have gone for the look of the character Ordga from the series 1066, The Battle for Middle Earth, as I think he has that look to him. I have painted him in bright colours, a nice red with blue trim as to mark him out for one of the warrior elite and he has a very ornate helmet trimmed in gold, which I think suits him. Though you cannot see it I have actually given him a kite shield, just waiting on the transfers for LittleBigMen Studios to finish him off, to give the feel of a proper Huscarle.

Next up is the second Huscarle, though for some reason he is fighting with his sword rather than using the axe. I have on for the subtle blue colour scheme for him with a pale blue tunic and dark blue trousers. I think the combination works and the red trim lifts the whole figure up. The helmet I went for a Iron helemt with a little gold trim to highlight it and again he has a kite shield across his back, waiting for transfers to be added once they have arrived.

The third chap is a have gone for that standing in the shieldwall waiting to use his axe. I have again gone for a subtle palette using a dark green for his tunic and a royal blue for the trousers. I have gone for the highlight colours to lift him on his helmet using the gold on the trims and cross braces, if that what they are called? As you can see he has a round shield as not all Huscarles used kite shield and it does actually have a transfer on it.

And lastly this is the last of the Huscarles with my force up to two units armed in Dane Axes giving me a big eight strong chopping machine to crave up my enemy. Again he is standing ready with sword out and sort of using the axe of a from of shield, not totally sure that is wise but I liked the pose. I again went for the subtle palette with a nice mid blue for the tunic which is trim off white around the cuffs and the hem and a lovely deep russet for his trousers to bring some warm to the figure. Again he has a plain helmet with just a bit of gold trim on it and he too has a round shield.

I hope you are enjoying your New Year and a Happy New Year for Mrs PK and me.

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