Monday, 12 January 2015

Competition Time: What My Name?

Yes indeed it is Competition Time here at Château PK as we have managed to reach the 300,000 hits and a few more, so as I said I am going to run a give away to celebrate it. As I have stated before the competition will be to win one of my paintings, that's if you are interested and the one to win will be this Viking warrior, as I am on such a Dark Age trip at the moment.

At the moment he is unpainted but soon colour will be added to him and he will be in his full glory.

So just how do I win such a prize? I am glad that you asked and it is rather simple, so here are the rules.

  1. Firstly all you need to do is comment below and simply name this Viking. This will gain you one entry into the draw.
  2. Secondly, if you share this about the blogisphere or just on your blog you will get another entry into the draw, just put a link in the comments please.
  3. Lastly if you like you can choose to follow my blog and by doing so this will get you another entry in the draw.
So it is as simple as that. 

Now to win this you must comment and name the Viking by 31st January 2015 and I will do the draw and name the lucky winner shortly afterwards, mainly as Mrs PK and I will be spending a nice weekend at Edgehill then.

So best of Luck to you all.



  1. H e looks like a Poval Kveldulfson to me??

  2. "Ralf Ulvens Kompis"

    Racy but fun and appropriate in my mind for a pillager of the Anglo-coastlines.

    Wonderful image and congrats for reaching the 300K hits!

  3. His prestigious name is Vjorn Hootgot. And he is handsome too!

  4. This is Egil the Red, famed for slaying his first man when he was just 14 years of age. Since then many have fallen before his axe...

  5. Nice picture of "Skoglar Tosti" if you don´t speak Swedish you might say Skagul Tosti in english, but ofcourse all Viking speak Swedish ;)

    Just so you will remember him here are his story:

    Skoglar Tosti was a chieftain from the Swedish province of West Götaland. According to Snorri Sturluson, he was the father of Sigrid the Haughty. For some time he gave refuge to Harald Grenske, who later came back to woo Sigrid, only to be killed by her for his persistence. Toste is mentioned in several sagas, such as Heimskringla, and is said to have been the first to demand danegeld when he led a Viking army to England in 970. It is said that he collected great riches in England. Tosti's great-grandson Stenkil became the King of Sweden in 1060.

    His name skoglar, skauglar or skagul is due to his experience in battle (skagul is one of the many names for battle in Old Norse).

    At Vallentuna, near Stockholm, the runestone of Orkesta says:

    in ulfr hafir onklati * Þru kialtakat Þit uas fursta Þis tursti * Þa ---Þurktil * Þa kalt knutr

    Translation: "But Ulf has taken three danegelds in England. The first one was with Tosti, the second one with Thorkel and the third one with Canute the Great".

    Tosti´s children according to the sagas:

    Ulf Tostesson, a jarl.
    Sigrid the Haughty, queen of Sweden.

    Hope you had a good read:)

    Best regards Michael

  6. Je Suis Charlie

    Can you have any other name at the moment?

    1. I'll chip in with some language support for Clint. His name is Karl Varvecka. Karl being the Swedish form of Charlie, Varvecka being "every week", i e "hebdo".

  7. Bork Thorleikson, very famous for his deeds with the axe! Congrat's on the 300K hits Mr PK.

  8. Lovely to see Rolf the Confused in all his glory.

  9. Leif Erikson ! the first discoverer of America !!

  10. Nice job PK.... Now I think he is an Erik!

  11. "Sloss the Slayer", or "Sloss the Sloshed", depending on how much mead was plundered. Sloss was one of the Chrisitan names of my late father, which was given to him to remember his grandfather, who was an immigrant from Denmark, so it's a fine and noble name.

    1. PS - Your contest now promoted on - I think I sent one person below your way. :)

  12. Noggin the Nog or Thor Nogson. No chance of winning but people of a certain age will remember them fondly.

  13. I don't know if I'm allowed to do another proposition ?
    if not, please, choose the good one !! ;)

    Gunnar Hamundarson ... a Viking hero !

  14. Kylie Tinybum.
    famed for taking an arrow in his ear.
    He could be seen wandering around the fjords singing Can't get you outa my head.
    He ended up number 1 for 6 weeks in the odin charts.
    Unfortunately he was a one hit wonder and died under a swedish tram a few years later singing Cant get this offa my chest.

    1. Honest !!
      I read it on Wiki last week ;)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I've always thought the Name Snorri was a fun one for a viking, so why not Snorri Kronbladson! Keeping it in the family! ;)
    (Kronblad being petal in Viking of course).

  17. So I was gonna say Leif Eriksson, just because... but someone else already said that. Bummer.

    So this is of course Tryggve Elofsson, famous ear-twisting champion of Fjuckby in Uppland.

  18. His name is Ingvald Husom. That is the name of my grandpa, Norwegian war veteran and hard as nails.

  19. I think you have a marvellous talent there. It's a great picture that would grace any wall even if you weren't a middle ages fan.As to a name...Olaf Ootlowd (LOL to his mates). However he's not laughing in the portrait so I'm going for Aard Tornipsson as he looks like a tough Swede.

  20. Jarnef Brusisson Because he's an iron nosed son of a goat. And followed though I was very surprised to see I wasn't following already.

  21. I think that our veteran of many battles deserves the name "Gamle lange skjegg" or old long beard in Norwegian. Congratulations on getting 300,000 views PK! I would also like to thank you for inadvertently getting me into the world of VBCW and for helping me find bloggers who share my interest in WW1 and the SCW via your comments on their blogs which showed up as google+ notifications. I also believe I am following you.


  22. seeing as I don't have a blog (yet) I shared you post via google+ (if that doesn't count oh well!)

    here is my google+ profile with my posts:

  23. Many congrats for the attention your blog is collecting. It's well deserved !

    The drawing is awesome. Of course I see noble warlord "Gudmund the Dauntless" the head of my Saga warband in him.

    By the way I advertised your raffle on my blog as well:


  24. "Rolf Ekorren Missbrukare". A hardened warrior who is seeking out the person that lumbered him with his name.

    Congrats on the 300k Petal and a fantastic prize for whoever wins it

  25. Far too many people reading this blog, but congratulationa anyway ;O)

    That that bloke is a damn fine piece of artwork and will grace anybody's wall.

    I think his name is Trygve Trygvesssssson, a famous street cleansing operative ('Trigger' - gerrit?) and transsexual - formerly known as Sigrid the Slapper. He has a part Welsh ancestry evident from his bold attempt to limit the number of vowels in his name.

    I'll promote the comp on my blog, but I've just got to shoot off to sort something out for a cousin - named O'Brien, not a Viking.

  26. Congratulations, he looks like a Ragnar Torstein type of guy to me! I'm in lovely drawing!

  27. His name is Meile Herser, bold adventurer and fierce fighter.

    I'm a follower now, and glad to be in the drawing.

  28. Congrats on the milestone...

    Of course their can only be one name for your Viking...Eric the Shed ;-)

    All the best for 2015


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