Tuesday, 6 January 2015

More Vikings for Saga

Yes indeed here are some more Vikings for Saga/Valhalla from Gripping Beasts Viking Hirdmen boxset and these are to fill in and create a new unit of Viking elites armed with Dane Axes that also can be used as berserkers.

There is something about a Viking warrior carried a dirty big axe that screams VIKINGS!!! As you can see I have gone for a more natural tones with the cloths this time but have given them red hair to make them stand out.

First out is what I think is a typical Viking. I love the pose I have managed to get with him with that sort of follow me to Valhalla look. I wanted him to a little special so I natural green tunic but with bright trim in red and blue and russet trousers to lift him from the others. With the red hair and beard it just set him off.

Next up is the classic Viking pose with great axe raised ready to crush his foe. I again have gone for the natural palette but this time in dark green with a little trim in a lighter colour just to been it out. He is wearing a classic Vendel Viking helmet, someone correct me if thats not what it is called and I have painted it to look like iron. I have to say I am rather pleased with the effect as to me it feels and looks like iron.

Lastly is a Viking with his rather large horn that comes in the boxset. Now this fellow is not for the elite unit but rather to replace one from from a warrior unit. I again like the pose on this fellow and with the natural tones for his tunic and his rather striking red beard I think he will stand out. I thought about doing the rope on the horn is a colour but I ended opting for a hemp colour which I think works better.

I am still a little shy of the 300000 mark but no competition this time but I am sure it will be soon.

Have a great day



  1. I can never grow tired of seeing these splendidly painted miniatures Pete, bravo Sir.

  2. Got to love these guys! Awesome work PK!

  3. Great work, PK, what a sterling effort!

  4. Excellent work Sir .
    Greetings .

  5. Wonderful painting PK, I like the colours used on the horn.

  6. They look awesome. Like the colours you've chosen as well.

  7. Excellent painted figures! I'm expecting some 28mm Vikings, and this post gives me some inspiration!


  8. My favourite pose is the one in the third photo. Love the colour combo too - green, yellow and browns work well together with the neutral metallic grey.

  9. An excellent addition to your collection.
    Well done !


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