Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some More Anglo Dane Huscarles

Happy New Year there everyone and I hope it is going to be a good one for you all. I missed my target of getting to 300,000 hits by New Years Day by 1500 hits which is a bit of a bummer but rest assured once I actually hit the 300,000 mark I WILL run a competition to win a painting done by me, that's if anyone is interested. But firstly back to Anglo Danes.

Well over the gap between Christmas and the New Year I had a bit of time to do some painting and actually assembling some more figures from Gripping Beast's Saxon Thegn boxset. More I have said before just how more I like this boxset and the Viking one as I can building so much from it. This time I have gone for another unit of Huscarles with their dirty big Dane Axes and this time I have actually converted some of the axes, when I say converted I mean chopped about and glued together varies bit and bobs to create the axes.

First up is this imposing fellow. I have gone for the look of the character Ordga from the series 1066, The Battle for Middle Earth, as I think he has that look to him. I have painted him in bright colours, a nice red with blue trim as to mark him out for one of the warrior elite and he has a very ornate helmet trimmed in gold, which I think suits him. Though you cannot see it I have actually given him a kite shield, just waiting on the transfers for LittleBigMen Studios to finish him off, to give the feel of a proper Huscarle.

Next up is the second Huscarle, though for some reason he is fighting with his sword rather than using the axe. I have on for the subtle blue colour scheme for him with a pale blue tunic and dark blue trousers. I think the combination works and the red trim lifts the whole figure up. The helmet I went for a Iron helemt with a little gold trim to highlight it and again he has a kite shield across his back, waiting for transfers to be added once they have arrived.

The third chap is a have gone for that standing in the shieldwall waiting to use his axe. I have again gone for a subtle palette using a dark green for his tunic and a royal blue for the trousers. I have gone for the highlight colours to lift him on his helmet using the gold on the trims and cross braces, if that what they are called? As you can see he has a round shield as not all Huscarles used kite shield and it does actually have a transfer on it.

And lastly this is the last of the Huscarles with my force up to two units armed in Dane Axes giving me a big eight strong chopping machine to crave up my enemy. Again he is standing ready with sword out and sort of using the axe of a from of shield, not totally sure that is wise but I liked the pose. I again went for the subtle palette with a nice mid blue for the tunic which is trim off white around the cuffs and the hem and a lovely deep russet for his trousers to bring some warm to the figure. Again he has a plain helmet with just a bit of gold trim on it and he too has a round shield.

I hope you are enjoying your New Year and a Happy New Year for Mrs PK and me.



  1. Great Huscarles PK! I think they are generally unappreciated by many and under sung in their role as elite troops. I too enjoyed 1066 Battle for Middle Earth. It had a lot of flavour and good characters.

    And colour me very interested in a comp to win something painted by you - very interested indeed!

  2. Exellent builds and paintwork !

  3. Happy New Year, PK. Terrific figures and paintwork!

  4. What a handsome bunch. I never looked that good when I did darkage re-enactment.

  5. Looking just great! Happy New Year!


  6. Nicely done and happy New Year mate :)

  7. Great work on these guys PK!

  8. As a fan of all things 'Dark Age', I can only approve. You've done a splendid job on these chaps, PK!

  9. Happy New Year to you too Pete and what a splendid start to the year too - more tremendous work Sir.

  10. Terrific work, Pete. They look stalwart and resolute, implacable foes to Norman and Norseman alike.
    I'm looking at them and thinking - Rohan Royal Guard. Do they also come with the option to assemble with round shield, perchance?


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