Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hammerhead Tomorrow, Here We Come

Yes its Hammerhead tomorrow and I am very excited over it. This is the first time I have been to Hammerhead and I really dont know what to expect but I am hoping for a good day's gaming, having a chat and having great fun. Everything is packed away, all the bits and bods I needed to get finished have been done and the car is loaded up. I really can not believe that I have got everything done that I wanted to get done and all the planning and painting I hope pays off. Anyway here is the rules for tomorrow.

So the first of the VBCW roadshow starts and I am planning on doing at least another three shows this year and hopeful one of them will be linked to a 38Fest event planned for May.

Have a good day


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Its Getting Closer and the Dig is Done

It is indeed getting closer only three more days til Saturday and the last of the finishing touches are coming in place. With the barrows completed and the Longship finished the next thing that was needed was the dug rubble from the excavation and it was them that are finished today along with a wooded area.

To make the spoil heaps from the excavation was a simple affair using some polystyrene which was broken up and glues to a base. Then used polyfiller to sculpt the landscape and then added some sand to give it some texture. Then it was a simple case of paint and flock and it is all done.

I made four of these spoil heaps as I can use them at a later date for other things like gun emplacements or defences. I might even flock the tops of them as have them as sort of hills or rough areas. To tell the truth I am not totally sure as yet.

As you can see the whole setup with the Longship and the barrows to see what it is like and I have to say I am rather happy with the results. I thing it with be a rather fitting centre piece and this is where the "ghost" Saxons will be pouring out of, along with the barrows and a couple of other places. I hope it will all look good on the day and everyone enjoys it.

The figures, though connected the to game are there to give a sense of scale,as it is a rather large boat and the barrows are about the same size. I am not sure if I want a six by four or a eight by four table and I know I really need to make my mind up. Either way I have enough scenery and terrain to fill it, I hope.

All that is left to do is to print and laminate the play sheets and the information sheets and finish off a new unit that I am painting, a unit of yeomanry both mounted and dismounted, but I need to get the printing done before hand. Then it is packing everything away.

Have a good day


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hammerhead, Saxons and Vikings.

Yippee, just one week to go to Hammerhead, well six days, as it is on Saturday 28th and I am getting very excited over it too. Most of the terrain is done, just got to finish off the dug, rubble marked for the Longship and finish off a unit of yeomanry and thats it, well almost as I have to print off the playsheets and the information sheets and then Mrs PK can laminate them using her new laminator.  Then its the sorting and boxing of the stuff and I dare say adding of more stuff as you do.

These are the information sheets for the game explaining just what the heck is going on, well I hope they do and I have added a Sutton Hoo border, which I think is rather neat and might add it to the play sheets too. Dont you just love designers when they come up with that killer idea minutes before the deadline?

I thought it would be nice to leave you with a couple of shots of the Saxons and Vikings fighting each other. This was the first time that I put all of them on together and on a board at the same time and I was firstly shocked by the numbers that I had painted, realised I now would more of them and lastly just how good and individual these Gripping Beast figures are. Well I hope you like them and if you are in Newark on Saturday pop other and say Hi.

Have a great Day


Saturday, 14 February 2015

More Hammerhead Suff

With Hammerhead only being a couple of weeks away it is now time to turn up the light on it and get things organised for the show. Now for those of you that put shows on at shows you will know what I mean, that this organisation starts months being the show starts and matter how well you plan it surprises me every time the amount you end up doing in the last couple of weeks. For myself I still have a mounted and foot unit to paint, tons of stone walls to do and dug rubble to do. Its not a lot I know but still it has to be completed. But at least the main part is broke and its the bits and bods left.

I have finished the banners for the show and even painted a unit of Blackshorts too. I am happy with the way the banners turned out but less happy with the Blackshorts but I might revisit them in the future but they are fine for now.

Just something didnt work with the unit for me, maybe its because they are fascists or maybe my painting style does suit Perry Miniatures to well. I bet it is the later as the miniatures themselves are very nice.

I have also finished the playsheets for the game an I have created five different one for it. I know it is a bit of overkill with them but they look nice and I will be, or rather Mrs PK will be laminating them with her new laminator that she has got herself. Dont ask me why she has a laminator but it was something she has always wanted and she has always wanted to laminate things, which means I know can have laminated playsheets for games, lucky me.

Anyway enough of me, have a great weekend.



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Time Team Special: Sutton Hoo and Hammerhead

On the 28th February the wargaming campaign season starts me me with the first show of the year at Hammerhead in Newark. I will be putting on a Very British Civil War game with a twist and now you will find out why all the Saxons and Vikings that I have been painting for a while. The simple fact is that they are going to be a part of this game, along with the barrows and longship.

As some of you may know this show is different from your average wargames show as all games at Hammerhead will be  participation game, which means I will be crying every time someone picks up a mini. No really I will be crying, lol. Actually, I am looking forward to it and having a good time and if you are at the show pop over, say hi and move some figures about and roll some dice. The banners and flags you see on here are all part of the game and belove is a breif outline of the game.

Time Team Special: Sutton Where?

This is the British Broadcasting Company bringing you a live, on your wireless, a very special programme from the Time Team and its latest dig at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

“Hello I’m Tony and for this Time Team Special we are at Sutton Hoo in the lovely Suffolk countryside away from all the unpleasantness that is happening all across the country. I am here with Mick and the usually crew but we are here too with representatives from His Majesties Government who have shown rather a lot of interest in these mounts in Suffolk. So Mick what can you tell us about what you have found and could this be the final resting place of the famous King Arthur?”

“Well Tony there has been so very interesting developments as you can see they have discovered the outline of a Saxon Longship is one of the barrows, in fact this one here” as Mick points in the direction on Barrow Mount One when Tony states, “Mick, that’s not an outline but it looks like a whole ship, with sails, shields”, “Tony I think you are looking in the wrong place and” Mick turns around to point up to Tony where he should be looking, “Stuth, that can’t be, well I never, what do you know that is a complete Saxon Longship and it should be there or rather it should but as just remains”

Just at that time there is sound of running boots and barking of orders “Blackshorts to me” as something is happening at the Longship’s barrow and a nearby voice shout “What the dickens’ are they? They look like Vikings coming out of the barrows” and then a commanding voice speaks “Cut the feed, cut the feed” and then silence.

“Sorry listeners it looks like there is a technical problem at the archaeological dig, well John what do you make of that?”,” Geoffrey I think those socialist types are planning to steal what is there and for are whatever reason, so in the meantime here is some classical music to listen to”

The Plot

Archaeologists make a discovery in rural Suffolk that go to the roots of England. Could this be the resting place of King Arthur?

The local British Union of Fascists sees this as something which should be celebrated & owned. Is this King Arthur’s grave? What amazing artefacts can be unearthed here? Is Excalibur here? Some leading historians that are working for the government think so, especially as rumours of artefacts with strange runes spread through the land, could be one of them?

The local Parish Defence of the Anglican League calls for help. Is this really the legendary resting place of King Arthur and Excalibur? If so this must be a sign from God and if it is not Arthurs’ grave then they must see whatever is there does not fall into the hand of the British Union of Fascists and they get away with it.

As forces gather, no one remembers the stories about not disturbing graves or removing certain artefacts ... Whilst forces take up arms to dispute who should be king, A much Older King and his Hearthguard awakes.

- and they are not happy.

The Game

The British Union of Fascists, the Anglican League and the Socialists are all armed with light forces, no support weapons, armoured vehicles or heavy weapons. All sections are ten man sections with a section commander and a light machine gun as support. All command units are three men strong and consist of a Commander, his Adjutant and a Political/Propaganda Officer or Standard Bearer. All units Shooting to hit roll is 7+ and their Melee to hit roll is 7+.

The Saxons “ghosts” come in three different types, Leaders, Warriors and Levies.

Leaders are three men strong consisting of a Commander, a Bannerman and a Shield Guard. They are considered to be armed with melee weapons and wear armour and carry a banner. The gives them a 5+ saving throw in melee. In Melee their to hit roll is 5+.

Warriors consist of units of ten and they are considered to be armed with melee weapons and wear armour and carry a shield. This gives them a 5+ saving throw in melee. In Melee their to hit roll is 6+.

Levies consist of a unit of ten men and they are considered to be armed with either melee weapons or bows or javalins/slings. They carry a shield only, giving them a 6+ saving throw in melee. If their Melee to hit roll is 7+ and their Shooting to hit roll is 8+.

Activation for Saxons

One unit of Saxons will appear every turn from the Longship and the Long Barrow. Other units will appear when a “modern” unit closes within 6” of any of the mounds or Ancient settlements. All Saxon units must attack the nearest “modern” unit to them at all times.

Conan, Its the Last Day to Join in on the Kickstart

Yes it is the last day for the Conan Board Game Kickstarter so if you want to support this game you have until 5:55pm GMT to get your pledge in. At last court for the King Level Pledge you get some 180 plus figures and this is still growning all for $135.00. Now I dont know about you but that is an amazing deal and well worth the money especially if you are a board game fan or even better a Conan fan. With so much on offer and an amazing amount of add ons it looks like I will be quids in at the end of this Kickstarter.

So if you want to get involved and enjoy Conan the boardgame pop over to the Conan Kickstarter and pledge away or simply check it out. I dont think you will disappointed.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Issue Three is Out Now

Yes the long wait is now over and Issue Three of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly is now out. It is packed full of interesting article, so by bloggers that you might recognise and I think it has something that will be of interest to all.

But Pk how do I get my hands on this the latest issue and I am glad that you asked. Its simple simple you can download it from Here and read it at your leisure. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it and roll on the next issue.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Conan, a Kickstarter and the Winner

Hiya all and I hope that you are having a good day. I don't know about everyone else but what got me into fantasy and in a way into wargame and role playing many moons ago wasn't Lord of the Rings but actually Robert E Howard's Conan. Now dont get me wrong as there is nothing wrong with Lord of the Rings, something which I love with its epic adventure but it really is a one trip campaign and a lot of walking about with a couple of greats fights. The Death of Boromir is one of those great scenes as is the battles of Helm's Deep and Pelennor Fields but for me fantasy is about high adventure and daring does, with larger than life characters and this is why to me Conan wins. I also think it has a lot to do with my age when I first discovered these books, being fourteen I think I found Robert E Howard's writing style a little easier to read that JRR Tolkien's and also the Conan books are a lot smaller than Lord of the Rings which helped to, as like must fourteen year old I had and still do have the attention span of a goldfish.

Of course the artwork of people like Brom had an influence on my decision too, I wonder why, and a long with him and Chris Achilleos, both of whom I wondered to paint like at the time and in a way still do, really brought the world to life in a way Lord of the Rings never did for me. So what is this all about then?

Well you can imagine my surprise when I saw that someone, okay, Monolith Board Games, I new name to me, what planning a game based on Howard's world and what's more you can actually play Conan. Well this got my interest up straight away. I know that they has been other Conan games out there, like Age of Conan and the Conan RPG but these only allowed you to play in the world of Conan and this game actually allows you to be Conan. Also I was pleasantly surprised to see the level of detail they have gone to to get the setting, the character and the whole package just right, they even have Patrice Louinet as a consultant, who is a world renowned expert on this Howard's life and works, including Conan.

Now this got me about the detail they are go too to bring this game to life and though I am a big fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan films, I was rather relieved that it was based on the books of Conan and not a rerun of the film. Coupled with this was the amazing artwork of Adrian Smith and art direction Monolith are taking and I was totally hooked. Now I am not going to get into the game mechanicals, which are nice and simple but very interesting at the same time, other than to say it is a strange hybrid game start up to four players playing Conan and his friends playing co-operatively on one side and playing against a Overlord on the other. I have not seen this in a game before, not that I am a great big board game player.

So I checked out the Kickstarter and was amazed by what I saw, lots of miniatures that where wonderful sculpted some by ex Rackham figure designers, so you know that they are going to be good and checked out the videos on what the game play is going to be like and I brought into it as I so want this game to be produced. You get a ton of figures in the basic game, some seventy four of them in 32mm scale, and with the King pledge there is even more. Add to this all the stretch goals you get a lot of figures for your buck as well has other stuff too, making this worth the $90 for the basic game or $135 for the King pledge. The artwork on the gaming boards are stunning as are the character boards too and if they can been this all to life I will be way heck of a happy chap.

So if you are a fan of Conan and who isn't or I have raised your interest pop over the to Conan Kickstarter and see if this a game for you, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. But you are going to have to be quick as the Kickstarter is due to finish on Wednesday, Feb 11 2015 at 5:55 PM GMT. I have never joined in a Kickstarter before, came very close with Mars Attacks by Mantic Games but this has gone me and for the price you get a hell of a lot of stuff. The game is slated for October this year I am hoping to have a very nice early Christmas present from myself.

Now to the lucky winner of this Viking, well a painted version of it once I have a bit of time to paint him which will be in the next couple of week, is, drum roll please:

Michael Peterson

So Congratulations there to you Michael and if you would like to seen me your details to pete.barfield at sky dot com, there is a link at the top of my blog, I will get them out to you as soon as I have finished it. This might take a couple of weeks as I am in the middle of organising a game for Hammerhead and new things keep popping up that need to be done. So once again congratulations to you Michael and I am truly sorry than not everyone could win but I will be painting forever.

I hope you all have a good day and please check up the Conan Kickstarter.
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