Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Time Team Special: Sutton Hoo and Hammerhead

On the 28th February the wargaming campaign season starts me me with the first show of the year at Hammerhead in Newark. I will be putting on a Very British Civil War game with a twist and now you will find out why all the Saxons and Vikings that I have been painting for a while. The simple fact is that they are going to be a part of this game, along with the barrows and longship.

As some of you may know this show is different from your average wargames show as all games at Hammerhead will be  participation game, which means I will be crying every time someone picks up a mini. No really I will be crying, lol. Actually, I am looking forward to it and having a good time and if you are at the show pop over, say hi and move some figures about and roll some dice. The banners and flags you see on here are all part of the game and belove is a breif outline of the game.

Time Team Special: Sutton Where?

This is the British Broadcasting Company bringing you a live, on your wireless, a very special programme from the Time Team and its latest dig at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

“Hello I’m Tony and for this Time Team Special we are at Sutton Hoo in the lovely Suffolk countryside away from all the unpleasantness that is happening all across the country. I am here with Mick and the usually crew but we are here too with representatives from His Majesties Government who have shown rather a lot of interest in these mounts in Suffolk. So Mick what can you tell us about what you have found and could this be the final resting place of the famous King Arthur?”

“Well Tony there has been so very interesting developments as you can see they have discovered the outline of a Saxon Longship is one of the barrows, in fact this one here” as Mick points in the direction on Barrow Mount One when Tony states, “Mick, that’s not an outline but it looks like a whole ship, with sails, shields”, “Tony I think you are looking in the wrong place and” Mick turns around to point up to Tony where he should be looking, “Stuth, that can’t be, well I never, what do you know that is a complete Saxon Longship and it should be there or rather it should but as just remains”

Just at that time there is sound of running boots and barking of orders “Blackshorts to me” as something is happening at the Longship’s barrow and a nearby voice shout “What the dickens’ are they? They look like Vikings coming out of the barrows” and then a commanding voice speaks “Cut the feed, cut the feed” and then silence.

“Sorry listeners it looks like there is a technical problem at the archaeological dig, well John what do you make of that?”,” Geoffrey I think those socialist types are planning to steal what is there and for are whatever reason, so in the meantime here is some classical music to listen to”

The Plot

Archaeologists make a discovery in rural Suffolk that go to the roots of England. Could this be the resting place of King Arthur?

The local British Union of Fascists sees this as something which should be celebrated & owned. Is this King Arthur’s grave? What amazing artefacts can be unearthed here? Is Excalibur here? Some leading historians that are working for the government think so, especially as rumours of artefacts with strange runes spread through the land, could be one of them?

The local Parish Defence of the Anglican League calls for help. Is this really the legendary resting place of King Arthur and Excalibur? If so this must be a sign from God and if it is not Arthurs’ grave then they must see whatever is there does not fall into the hand of the British Union of Fascists and they get away with it.

As forces gather, no one remembers the stories about not disturbing graves or removing certain artefacts ... Whilst forces take up arms to dispute who should be king, A much Older King and his Hearthguard awakes.

- and they are not happy.

The Game

The British Union of Fascists, the Anglican League and the Socialists are all armed with light forces, no support weapons, armoured vehicles or heavy weapons. All sections are ten man sections with a section commander and a light machine gun as support. All command units are three men strong and consist of a Commander, his Adjutant and a Political/Propaganda Officer or Standard Bearer. All units Shooting to hit roll is 7+ and their Melee to hit roll is 7+.

The Saxons “ghosts” come in three different types, Leaders, Warriors and Levies.

Leaders are three men strong consisting of a Commander, a Bannerman and a Shield Guard. They are considered to be armed with melee weapons and wear armour and carry a banner. The gives them a 5+ saving throw in melee. In Melee their to hit roll is 5+.

Warriors consist of units of ten and they are considered to be armed with melee weapons and wear armour and carry a shield. This gives them a 5+ saving throw in melee. In Melee their to hit roll is 6+.

Levies consist of a unit of ten men and they are considered to be armed with either melee weapons or bows or javalins/slings. They carry a shield only, giving them a 6+ saving throw in melee. If their Melee to hit roll is 7+ and their Shooting to hit roll is 8+.

Activation for Saxons

One unit of Saxons will appear every turn from the Longship and the Long Barrow. Other units will appear when a “modern” unit closes within 6” of any of the mounds or Ancient settlements. All Saxon units must attack the nearest “modern” unit to them at all times.


  1. A wizzard wheeze indeed! I can't wait to see piccies and hear about how it went!

  2. Very interesting. I will watch this with much acute interest!

  3. I'm already rooting for the Saxons!

  4. Sounds brilliant. Your radio broadcast reminded me of the old Orson Welles War of the World broadcast. Nice.

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