Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hammerhead, Saxons and Vikings.

Yippee, just one week to go to Hammerhead, well six days, as it is on Saturday 28th and I am getting very excited over it too. Most of the terrain is done, just got to finish off the dug, rubble marked for the Longship and finish off a unit of yeomanry and thats it, well almost as I have to print off the playsheets and the information sheets and then Mrs PK can laminate them using her new laminator.  Then its the sorting and boxing of the stuff and I dare say adding of more stuff as you do.

These are the information sheets for the game explaining just what the heck is going on, well I hope they do and I have added a Sutton Hoo border, which I think is rather neat and might add it to the play sheets too. Dont you just love designers when they come up with that killer idea minutes before the deadline?

I thought it would be nice to leave you with a couple of shots of the Saxons and Vikings fighting each other. This was the first time that I put all of them on together and on a board at the same time and I was firstly shocked by the numbers that I had painted, realised I now would more of them and lastly just how good and individual these Gripping Beast figures are. Well I hope you like them and if you are in Newark on Saturday pop other and say Hi.

Have a great Day



  1. Splening looking collektion PK !!!

    Looking forward to see some gaming pictures.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Great looking pics of them all scrapping. Have fun at Hammerhead next week!

  3. That's looking set to be a cracking show game Petal :)

  4. Great to see a nice info board to explain what the table/game is all about. All too often I see lovely games at shows but with no information whatsoever:(.

  5. There is a Very Dark Age War going on in those photos but I agree they do look wildly individual. I'm looking forward to Hammerhead now even though I won't be there many pictures please and a list of everything you brought would be most interesting.

  6. I am going to jolly well enjoy this spectacle on Saturday see you there Ol Chap!

  7. Such a great idea and lovely group shots too - I hope all goes well.

  8. That's a lot of figures you've got there PK, can't wait to see a few pics from the game next week!

  9. Very cool idea with the border PK! Looks great. Enjoy the game and take lots of photos for us, please!


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