Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hammerhead Tomorrow, Here We Come

Yes its Hammerhead tomorrow and I am very excited over it. This is the first time I have been to Hammerhead and I really dont know what to expect but I am hoping for a good day's gaming, having a chat and having great fun. Everything is packed away, all the bits and bods I needed to get finished have been done and the car is loaded up. I really can not believe that I have got everything done that I wanted to get done and all the planning and painting I hope pays off. Anyway here is the rules for tomorrow.

So the first of the VBCW roadshow starts and I am planning on doing at least another three shows this year and hopeful one of them will be linked to a 38Fest event planned for May.

Have a good day



  1. Hope that it all goes well and that you have a marvellous game - I look forward to the AAR!

  2. Bon chance for the game,I await piccies with interest.

  3. Yes. photos please! And enjoy!

  4. I'm with Clint. GOOD LUCK, and lots of photos please!!

  5. Great day yesterday PK, you certainly drew a crowd.

  6. wow a road show good for you I would how many new VBCW players they're going to be when you are done.


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