Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Its Getting Closer and the Dig is Done

It is indeed getting closer only three more days til Saturday and the last of the finishing touches are coming in place. With the barrows completed and the Longship finished the next thing that was needed was the dug rubble from the excavation and it was them that are finished today along with a wooded area.

To make the spoil heaps from the excavation was a simple affair using some polystyrene which was broken up and glues to a base. Then used polyfiller to sculpt the landscape and then added some sand to give it some texture. Then it was a simple case of paint and flock and it is all done.

I made four of these spoil heaps as I can use them at a later date for other things like gun emplacements or defences. I might even flock the tops of them as have them as sort of hills or rough areas. To tell the truth I am not totally sure as yet.

As you can see the whole setup with the Longship and the barrows to see what it is like and I have to say I am rather happy with the results. I thing it with be a rather fitting centre piece and this is where the "ghost" Saxons will be pouring out of, along with the barrows and a couple of other places. I hope it will all look good on the day and everyone enjoys it.

The figures, though connected the to game are there to give a sense of scale,as it is a rather large boat and the barrows are about the same size. I am not sure if I want a six by four or a eight by four table and I know I really need to make my mind up. Either way I have enough scenery and terrain to fill it, I hope.

All that is left to do is to print and laminate the play sheets and the information sheets and finish off a new unit that I am painting, a unit of yeomanry both mounted and dismounted, but I need to get the printing done before hand. Then it is packing everything away.

Have a good day



  1. It sure does look great, wish we could make it over


  2. Terrific stuff! All your efforts will be rewarded on Saturday I am sure.
    Alan P.S don't forget to tell them to read the novel "The dig" by John Preston - it a wonderful read

  3. I didn't know the Saxons were members of the BUF. :)

  4. Excellent work ! I love the boat !

  5. Just great! Thanks for sharing these nice photos!

    Greeting from Brazil!


  6. The spoils heaps look spot on. This will be a great looking game.

  7. Fantastic work mate - I hope all goes well on the day!

  8. Should be a great game, shame I can't make it to the show and see it in person!

  9. PK my friend, that is all kinds of awesome!

  10. Glad to hear it went so well after all your efforts!
    Well done sir!


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