Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Leicestershires

Hi chaps

As the title states I have actually got around to finishing a section of the Leicestershire Regt, making a grand total of two 10 man sections finished, but still have some support elements to complete. These chaps are form Warlord and are their BEF range which I think the figures are nice and chunky with a lovely amount of detail on them. Plus they are pretty accurate too and I have got for the tradition look with them, painting are regular BEF so I can use them for this and early war WW2 games. These chaps are going to be of the government forces for the Partizan game on May 31st, but they can be used for any of the factions.

Have a Nice Day


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Art Challenge; Day Five

Day Five and I am sorry it is the last day but it is a special day, well for anyway, as it is 1938 A Very British Civil War Day. As I have said before a couple of days around, must people know me for my illustrations for Solway Crafts and Miniatures 1938 A Very British Civil War books. This has given me the freedom to illustrate a period of time that I love, the 1930s, and breathe life into Messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas world and bring the characters and the period to life.

Now for those that dont know what 1938 A Very British Civil War is it is a scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the nation and results in Civil war. As a result instead of going to war in Europe, the nation is facing a very British crisis. It is loosely based on Ian McClellan's Richard III play and film and also the film Went the Day Well. Think of it as cricket but with guns.

So without explaining to much about what is what and who is who, today I am bring to you some of the characters both real and fictional. One of the characters, in fact the first one in the grey uniform is Lord Cirencester. Now he is a brute of a man but he has a link with todays re-internment of Richard III as Lord Cirencester is none other that Richard III himself, well he is not Richard III but he is based upon him.

The other characters that are here in this collection are King Edward VIII is the uniform of the 14th Prince of Wales's Own Scinde Horse, Marcus Appleby Col. Rtd; Bishop of Bath and Wells, Herbert "Red" Leicester; Archbishop of York, Prince Albert, Admiral Douglas Buccleah; Commander of the Scottish Republic, Barr Ghillie; Scottish British Union of Fascists, Prince Ruprecht, Eric Blair, A famous former Major turned left left wing politician and lastly no a character but I love the picture a Clarion Cyclist.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Art Challenge; Day Four

Day Four of the Art Challenge and today I am going to focusing on some of my historical illustrations that I have done. Now I have to admit and maybe my blog isnt the best place to do that, but I do like a nice military uniform, I can heard the police knocking on my door already or is it men in white coats? Anyway back to reality, lol, I do like a nice military uniform or more precise I do love illustrating and research historical and military uniforms.

Now a lot of the more recent illustrations have been on the English Civil War or the War of the Three Kingdoms. Now one would think with such an important event in the history of the United Kingdom, this laid down modern Britain folks, you would think that there would be tons of stuff all about it and pictures and references galore, is there heck, but this does make it interesting and very fulfilling knowing that you are creating something that may look very close to what was actually worn.This is especially true when illustrating the Irish at the time. There is not a lot of information on them and actually it is coloured by propaganda at best.

Now today's offering is going to be a journey through history, with Vikings, Jacobites, ECW Irish, ECW English, Napoleonics and early 20th century British cavalry. I hope you like them

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Art Challenge ; Day Three

Day Three of the Art Challenge and today I am giving you some of my earliest illustrations that have been published and some of my latest stuff too. For some reason I have ended up illustrating game books, partly as I like toy soldiers but mainly because I have always wanted to be a games and a military historian illustrator. Well have has never quite happen and after illustrating some twenty plus books I am still only knocking at the door of the industry, it would be nice is someone would open the door sometimes. Actually thats not totally true as I have twenty books under my belt which means someone has opened the door, lol.

Anyway, for most people I am know for illustrating the 1938, A Very Civil War range of books, bringing to life the fictional events and times in 1938 where King Edward VIII didnt abdicate and the following events and gentlemanly civil war that followed. I am very grateful for this and the exposure that it has given me in the gaming industry but I started this journey a time ago doing some illustrations for Ground Zero Games in their Stargrunt II and Dirtside II games. In fact this was the first illustrations that I even had published. These illustrations are the SciFi ones that follow.

This collection today covers quite a period of time and I think it shows how much my style has changed from doing pencil drawings only to now my watercolours. I still have my dream of doing this full time but thats for another day.

So I hope you enjoy these.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Art Challenge; Day Two

Day Two of my Art Challenge and it is back to the old school again for me and when I mean old school I do mean school, well it least one of the drawing is, but more on that in a while.

I have been surprised by how my technical and style has changed over the years and how I seem to be a better drawer, technically, back then to I am now. I think it is because I seemed to have more patients then than I do more and time to spend eight hours plus on a drawing. Now I want my drawing now, I would of thought it would of been the other way.

Anyway back to the illustrations, the barbarian figure I drew when I was still at school, maybe 14 or 15, and it is the only picture I have from then. I guess that I have always been a big fan of the human form and that is something that has kept with me all the time. Also that is a surrealist picture to prove to myself that I can do other stuff.

Anyway back to the illustrations, the barbarian figure I drew when I was still at school, maybe 14 or 15, and it is the only picture I have from then. I guess that I have always been a big fan of the human form and that is something that has kept with me all the time. Also that is a surrealist picture to prove to myself that I can do other stuff.

Again this is all my earlier stuff and tomorrow I will have some more of this and my latest work.

I hope that you are enjoying this.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Art Challenge; Day One

Day One of my Art Challenge, jeez thanks Paul Hicks and Simon Ook Purdue. Now I am not one for blowing my own trumpet and all that and actually I dont know where to start, so I guess at the beginning.

Over the next five days I am going to be showcasing some of my artwork that I have done over the years, from my early days of published work through to my latest stuff. I think it is going to be an interesting experience for me and hoping you too, seeing how my style has changed over the years.

The first lot of artwork I am showing is have my early days as an illustrator, when I had a fantasy, SciFi bent to my work. Some of the artwork show is for Ground Zero Games, for they Dirtside II and Stargrunts II game, even one piece, the elf, I think they call it a wardancer, was for Games Workshop when I was trying to get a job with them as an illustrator, stupid me.

I hope that you like them and tomorrow I will have some newer stuff.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Back in the VBCW Seat Again

After painting Saxons and Vikings for a while it is good to be back in the VBCW seat once again. But before leaving the Vikings behind for a while I have joined in yet another Kickstarter this time for a Viking based game called Blood Rage, check it out as the figures by Studio McVay are amazing.

Here is the latest unit to come out of The Corporation of Leicester Socialist Council defense forces and these are The MacDonald's Rough Riders. This unit is a rough and tough unit recruited for die hard socialists from within the political movements as well as the trade union movements, being the radical members with an eye of a Socialist Republic of Great Britain rather than the old order staying in place. Because of this these chaps are usually found at the front of any attack but spend most of they time in the front lines deep patrolling the areas between and into the Duke of Rutland's sphere if influence. Specialising in lightning strikes and hit and run raids against the Duke's Edwardite forces, they strike fear to all the villages and farms along the front line, as they bring they own form of justice to the Edwardite garrisons and they supporters.

Not by chance of these lads called Rough Riders, as they are rough with the Edwardite supporters, attack and burn farms, crops and villages, making examples of men, spreading fear and propaganda and trying up the Duke's resources. Dedicated to the Socialist cause, they will never surrender to a Edwardite and never take a Fascist prisoner.

Tough, hard and well trained and disciplined, they will be found either riding a horse or riding in the back of a Lancia Triota Armoured Personnel Carrier. Uniformed in a green, sent over from Australia from reserve stock of the Light Horse by the socialist workers there, to show solidity with the city, socialist and the Commander of the Rough Riders, Edward Randle, grandson of E W Randle, former of Secretary of the Leicester branch of the First International.

All thats left to say is have a nice day.

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