Wednesday, 4 March 2015

38Fest 2015: The Spectred Isle, The Details

Well as promised here are the details of how to join in the VBCW fun and be involved in this event.

What is 38Fest2015

38Fest2015: This Spectred Isle is a celebration of 1938 A Very British Civil War, where it hopes to bring together the whole VBCW community with the aim of an international game, yes international, as some of the players and followers of this are chaps who live outside of these Isles and it would unfair to exclude them from the enjoyment of this. So what is planned is a series of games based on the scenario below that will feed into the Partizan game on 31st May. What we are hoping if this is a success that more of these campaign style event which happen in the future and help drive the VBCW plot along.

When and Where is this Taking Place

38Fest2015: This Spectred Isle is going to take place over the whole month of May, actually the last game need to be finished by 30th May, to enable us to prepare for the Partizan game, and it is open to everyone, no matter how large or small your VBCW forces are and whatever scale you fight in. There are no sets of rules that we are going to say you have to play with, play with what you like. All anyone needs to do is to play the scenario in the month of May and notify me of the result of the game, Red win or Blue Win, Which Farms were control of who and who found some of the Crown Jewels. You can do this by either posting to Very British Civil Forum, or email me personally at Also if you can take photos of the game and post them on the Very British Civil Forum with a bit of a write up of the battle, that would be nice but it is not a requirement to play the game. 

As I have said before there are no set of rules to use, no set size of forces, the setup map is for six foot by four foot, but if you want a larger or smaller table that’s your call. Even the force size has been left open to you but a platoon size force is recommended, but if you want larger or smaller forces that up to you. If fact if you want to break the battle individually into three fights over each farm you can do that too, just remember to tell me the results. Of course there is nothing to stop you from fighting the battle a number of times too, again please tell us the results of each battle.

The Game

In the east Red Force, in the West Blue Force. To control the Fosseway both side must hold the 3 farms on the Foss. In the north Bridge Farm, the centre, Grange Farm and Brookfield Farm is in the south.

Both Red and Blue Forces plan to send small forces forward to take the farms before the big battle starts.

Any player or group of players fights a battle for 1 or more of the farms and tells us who won, Red or Blue. They can fight it in any scale and with any size force, all we need to know is who won.

We add up the results and the winners for each farm hold it when we do the big game at Partizan.

In one of the farms there is a part of the Crown Jewels collection, laying hidden, so at the end of the game, the players can roll to see which farm it is in and whoever controls the farm also has procession of a part of the Crown Jewels.

Happy gaming


  1. What an excellent idea!I hope to take part.

  2. It sounds cool, PK! I think I can do this.


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