Thursday, 26 March 2015

Art Challenge; Day Four

Day Four of the Art Challenge and today I am going to focusing on some of my historical illustrations that I have done. Now I have to admit and maybe my blog isnt the best place to do that, but I do like a nice military uniform, I can heard the police knocking on my door already or is it men in white coats? Anyway back to reality, lol, I do like a nice military uniform or more precise I do love illustrating and research historical and military uniforms.

Now a lot of the more recent illustrations have been on the English Civil War or the War of the Three Kingdoms. Now one would think with such an important event in the history of the United Kingdom, this laid down modern Britain folks, you would think that there would be tons of stuff all about it and pictures and references galore, is there heck, but this does make it interesting and very fulfilling knowing that you are creating something that may look very close to what was actually worn.This is especially true when illustrating the Irish at the time. There is not a lot of information on them and actually it is coloured by propaganda at best.

Now today's offering is going to be a journey through history, with Vikings, Jacobites, ECW Irish, ECW English, Napoleonics and early 20th century British cavalry. I hope you like them


  1. I really enjoyed the ECW work you showed on your blog, was that two years ago???

    Nice to see some of it again


  2. You have a very rare skill, particularly that you're able to draw/paint horses.

  3. They are all incredible PK!


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