Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Art Challenge ; Day Three

Day Three of the Art Challenge and today I am giving you some of my earliest illustrations that have been published and some of my latest stuff too. For some reason I have ended up illustrating game books, partly as I like toy soldiers but mainly because I have always wanted to be a games and a military historian illustrator. Well have has never quite happen and after illustrating some twenty plus books I am still only knocking at the door of the industry, it would be nice is someone would open the door sometimes. Actually thats not totally true as I have twenty books under my belt which means someone has opened the door, lol.

Anyway, for most people I am know for illustrating the 1938, A Very Civil War range of books, bringing to life the fictional events and times in 1938 where King Edward VIII didnt abdicate and the following events and gentlemanly civil war that followed. I am very grateful for this and the exposure that it has given me in the gaming industry but I started this journey a time ago doing some illustrations for Ground Zero Games in their Stargrunt II and Dirtside II games. In fact this was the first illustrations that I even had published. These illustrations are the SciFi ones that follow.

This collection today covers quite a period of time and I think it shows how much my style has changed from doing pencil drawings only to now my watercolours. I still have my dream of doing this full time but thats for another day.

So I hope you enjoy these.


  1. Fantastic PK! I am always so impressed with your attention to detail!

  2. I've said it elsewhere but that chap with the cup of tea and pipe is one of the defining images of VBCW. It needs the Hicksy touch!

  3. Your watercolours are so strong, great looking work



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