Monday, 16 March 2015

Back in the VBCW Seat Again

After painting Saxons and Vikings for a while it is good to be back in the VBCW seat once again. But before leaving the Vikings behind for a while I have joined in yet another Kickstarter this time for a Viking based game called Blood Rage, check it out as the figures by Studio McVay are amazing.

Here is the latest unit to come out of The Corporation of Leicester Socialist Council defense forces and these are The MacDonald's Rough Riders. This unit is a rough and tough unit recruited for die hard socialists from within the political movements as well as the trade union movements, being the radical members with an eye of a Socialist Republic of Great Britain rather than the old order staying in place. Because of this these chaps are usually found at the front of any attack but spend most of they time in the front lines deep patrolling the areas between and into the Duke of Rutland's sphere if influence. Specialising in lightning strikes and hit and run raids against the Duke's Edwardite forces, they strike fear to all the villages and farms along the front line, as they bring they own form of justice to the Edwardite garrisons and they supporters.

Not by chance of these lads called Rough Riders, as they are rough with the Edwardite supporters, attack and burn farms, crops and villages, making examples of men, spreading fear and propaganda and trying up the Duke's resources. Dedicated to the Socialist cause, they will never surrender to a Edwardite and never take a Fascist prisoner.

Tough, hard and well trained and disciplined, they will be found either riding a horse or riding in the back of a Lancia Triota Armoured Personnel Carrier. Uniformed in a green, sent over from Australia from reserve stock of the Light Horse by the socialist workers there, to show solidity with the city, socialist and the Commander of the Rough Riders, Edward Randle, grandson of E W Randle, former of Secretary of the Leicester branch of the First International.

All thats left to say is have a nice day.



  1. Smart looking models. But my anti-socialist feelings can't wait to see them marmalised in a batrep. :-)

  2. I like the colour scheme. Very eye catching in a good kind of way!

  3. Top work as ever! I too am really looking forward to Blood Rage being delivered and getting the paint brushes out of it all. Might even get a game in at some point!

  4. A terrific hell-for-leather unit, sure to strike terror into the capitalist lickspittles!

  5. Top notch minis, love the colors...excellent job!


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