Thursday, 9 April 2015

British Mk I Tank

Today is tank day for me, well its about a tank anyway and its the British Mk1 Tank from the Great War. Now the first thing I have to say about this is it is all not as it seems as it is not made of the usual stuff like plastic or resin but it is made from something else. To give you a clue the tank is by Warbases.

Now before you think that I have gone mad and wondering what I am doing with a Great War tank well it is for my Very British Civil War games and in particular for the Partizan game in May, yes I am going to be fielding some tanks, as well as infantry. Now the premise for this is quite simple as a lot of these Great War tanks ended up as war memorials after the war, with all the bits and pieces removed like engines and guns, etc, but with a little bit of planning, source equipment, engineering know how and a lot of time and effort you have a serviceable tank. Just how good a tank you would have would be debatable but you would have a tank none the least and it would strike fear into the hearts of the enemy, especially if they did have anything to counter it. Well thats the theory.

The actually kit from Warbases is a simple enough kit, well I say simple you do need the instructions which Warbases will email you and the thing is made from MDF, yes thats right it is a MDF tank, how suitable for VBCW. I must say that the instructions for the kit are wonderful to follow, easy to use and a good step by step guide. In fact the tank only took me about an hour to build and that included letting the glue dry before going on to the next part. Now the kit does come with the steering wheels at the rear but I have not attached them as frankly I am not a big fan of them.

Now as I have said it is a simple enough kit to build and paint and there is quite a bit of detail on it some in my opinion it looks the part. As for just how accurate it is I have to admit that I am not totally sure but looking at pictures of this tank it looks spot on to me. I think the only thing that I would change on it are the guns, they are a little too square but really thats a minor thing and something I can live with. All in all it is a good kit, its in 1/56th scale and it is the right size for my 28s, being 205mm x 90mm x 55mm. I find it totally amazing what people can do in MDF these days and the level of detail that they can get and the best thing about this kit is the price which is a steal at £14.00.

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  1. There are some very talented people out there. While I have no use (so far) for a WW1 British tank in this scale you have done such a good job of it I am tempted to get one just for fun.

    Brilliant mate, just Brilliant

  2. I agree with your comment about the guns PK but yes its impressive for MDF very serviceable I'd say. If I where a mechanic trying to get a WWI tank back into action the last thing I'd worry about would be the back steering wheels! The Germans used disabled tanks as strong points during WW2 so turning a monument into one would be fun too.

  3. Most excellent!!! Them Warbases chaps are very clever. I would NEVER have guessed it was MDF!!!

  4. Interesting! The guns could be swapped out for better ones. Alternatively, they could be a fiendish VBCW local design that fires cubed shot...

  5. I have to say that it is very lacking in detail an I personally would have chosen a different manufacturer. Since you mentioned wheels and by looking at it would seem like you chose a MK 1 which was the first tank to be fielded in 1916. I don't know if these were put into any memorial because they were soon replaced by the MK 4 in 1917. I do like color scheme and would be interested in why you chose it. If you want to paint more tank I would recommend some of the ones that Copplestone Castings makes.

  6. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but would painted graffiti at the tank's side be out of place with the period involved? Cool looking tank by the way!

    1. not at all, in fact common place. PK you should come up with a name to perhaps paint on the side.

  7. Nice little kit and excellent work on it, Pete.


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