Saturday, 30 May 2015

Its Partizan Time

Yes indeed it is Partizan time, well it will be on Sunday and I got my game all sorted and ready to go. In fact this time I had got myself organised and packed away before midnight the night before, which is my norm, so I must of forgotten something, right! Well, with the results still coming in from 38fest: This Spectred Isle I am not going to know the results until I have left tomorrow morning but I thing the blue force has won must of the farms to start with and have the Crown Jewels too but there is still time for all this to change. So here are three of the forces playing tomorrow, one by me and the other two by players who are new to VBCW.

First up is the Humberstone Militia's Field Force.

The is one of the Socialist Corporation of the City of Leicester most active militias. Starting as a Local Defence Volunteers raised by the Paget family to defend the village of Humberstone from attack, it has been at the forefront in the defence of the city from the forces of the Duke of Rutland. As the city's defences have become more organised after the failed assault on the city centred around the General Hospital area, the command for the militia have passed Thomas Paget, who is still in command of the village section, to the some what eccentric Robert Hotoft, a descendant of the Hesilrig family. Robert Hotoft might not be the most experience commander, but he has had some military experience with the Royal Leicestershires and is a rather good amateur engineer, who built a two man tank, called the Lobster, for the defence of the city. He is regularly seen wearing a suit of home made brass boiler plate armour, making him look a impressive sight, if a little daft.

The Village section is now commanded by Thomas Paget, former commander of the Humberstone Militia and respected member of the of community, living at Humberstone Hall, with also doubles up as command HQ for the Militia, though Robert Hotoft himself resides at Hesilrig Manor. This section is made up from the professional men and trades men of the village and have a lot of experience recently acquired. They are a good, stronger back bone of the Militia and made up from the older members of the LDV. Often found with this section is the local Vicar Percy Lister.

This next section, also from the original Local defence Volunteers is the The Anchor Tenants Section made up of members of the Anchor Boot and Shoe Co-operative Society who live in Humberstone Gardens. These chaps are the hardest fighters of the Militia, always at the front get stuck in. Harden trade unionists and socialists, they are formed around there elected representatives who led them.

The third section is made from the Humberstone Scouts and ex scouts. This is the newest of the sections to be formed and already they have gained a reputation as good hand to hand fighters and steadfast in attack. The Scout leader is an former trade union representative for Anchor Boot and Shoe Co-operative and councillor for Humberstone George Hern. The fourth section is made up from the farmer workers and labourers from the village and the surrounds.

Lastly this is the Lobster, a home made two man tank created and built by Robert Hotoft from various bits and pieces that he found around the city. Its not the best tank in the world, it is rather slow and prone to over heating and breaking down, but it is a tank none the less.

Next up is the East Mids People Assault Column forces, Corporation of Leicester Command

Under the command of Lt Colonel Peter Gerald Upcher, a rather brilliant commanding officers, who when the war broke out remained loyal to the Leicestershires, who in turn remained loyal to the city dropping the title Royal to show there allegiance. Responsible for checking the regiment out of the conflict originally after the assault on the city of Leicester by the Duke of Rutland he was one of the men responsible for organising the defence of the city and was joined the PAC by some of the Leicester to form the backbone of the Column in Leicester.

The Ramsay Rough Riders are made up from the more militant members of the trade unions in Leicester who have had military experience and are totally committed to the Socialist cause. Tough fighting men, they excel in the use of the horse, striking quickly and hard, causing as much damage and confusion as possible and then melting back into the countryside. These fellas are responsible for deep strikes into the Dukes area and running deep far patrols, but have never been tested in open battle.

The Ramsay Rough Riders are backed up with section of mobile foot troops who use Lancier armoured trucks to transport them into the area. These chaps are recruited from the same places as the rough riders but prefer the conform of a lorry rather than the saddle. Though this makes them a little less mobile than their mounted companions, they still are a rapid reaction force that can be developed anywhere quickly and like the Rough Riders they spend most of their time patrolling, raiding and providing support to the Rough Riders. They are know as Wises Soft Riders.

The rest of the field force is made up from regular and TA members of the Leicestershire Regiment. These chaps are the backbone of the PAC force and provide both support and experience to the rest of the PAC. They have plenty of experience seeing active service across the Empire before the conflict broke out and were involved in the defence of Leicester and the follow up operations after the assault of Leicester by the Duke of Rutland.

Lastly is The Duke of Rutland's field force.

The Duke of Rutland, Lord Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, himself is leading his troops into battle as finding the Crown Jewels should win him more favours from King Edward VIII and increase his standing at court too. With with is his good lady, Lady Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet and his BUF advisor Lt Col (Rtd) Denis Plantagenet Tollemache, the bulldog and of course his actual Bulldog, Mosley.

The mounted element of his force are from the Leicestershire Yeomanry wearing their parade dress uniforms as opposed to their khaki kit. In fact their command Captain Hon. George Charles Spencer demands that his troopers be seen on the battlefield and is often seen led them and the Dukes' forces from the front. Rash is one word for it, foolhardy is another, but they do seem to know how to carry the day.

The main body and the core of the field force is The Duke of Rutland' Own BUF Company, BUF Legion VI “Ironsides”. These chaps are battle harden troops seeing service with the Dukes' forces in just about even attack on the Leicestershire Socialists and Peterborough Anglican League. Tough, hard fighting troops and seem to have little regard for there own safety or that of anyone else, are always found at the thick of the battle where the fighting is hardest.

Next is the Belvior XI Cricket section. Not your average fighting force if truth be told be but no the less they have had some experience fighting and beside being jolly good cricketers they are very hardy at throwing grenades too. Preferring to use cover to hide their advance to get into close range to rain grenades on their enemy and then finish them off with a good one charge and thwack.

This is a newly formed unit made up of members of the Belvior Section, Women's' Institute raised by Lady Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, so she felt like she was doing her bit for King and Country. They have also brought with them their support weapon, the Jam Jar Thrower, Mk I. Both units have not seen any action before and it is not know how well they will stand up to the fight but if there commanders Mrs Margaret Roberts, known as the Iron Lady as she is a harsh judge when it comes to the WI competitions and Lady Fotheringay are to go by I fear for the men on the battlefield on both sides.

Lastly is the Dukes support in the form of an Austin Type 3 Armoured Car. Named Little Lord Fauntleroy is has not had the best of times in battle either breakdown or being ineffective but still in should provide some form of support in it is just something to hide behind.

So if you are going to Partizan tomorrow please pop over and say high, we are in the main hall just as you come in.

Have a nice day and Come on You Villains, win the FA Cup.


Friday, 29 May 2015

The Women's Institute, Belvoir Section

Now I bet thats a title you dont see very often in connection to wargaming. Well I have finished off the Women's Institute section of my Duke of Rutland's forces and I am rather pleased with them. The figures of mostly from Mason's Blind Beggar Miniatures, the Armed Housewives set and the Lady Baxterville and her 'Family' set, plus a couple of addition figures. Firstly I would like to publicly thank Mason for producing these figures as one, no-one does women is civilian clothing and two they are damn nice sculpts and paint up a dream.

Now back to the WI section. With have a full section of ten ladies with LMG support and I have painted them out to have a fair representation of ladies from all walks of life and classes. Added to the section is a Jam Jar Thrower Mk1 (WI model) as support, God knows what the rules are going to be, but I thought is would be a suitable support team for the ladies.

The sharp eyed amongst you might notice a iron lady with a handbag, she is from Reiver Castings and she is the commander of the Jam Jar Thrower and also That Women who is Duke of Rutland's wife, Lady Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, doing her bit for the King's cause.

Have a nice day


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Issue Four is Out

Yes indeed it is here ready for you to download and read. I personal think this is the best issue yet but it is your opinions that count not mine, so what are you waiting for? Read it already.

Inside this issue you will find articles on Talavera, Desert Terrain Building, The Freikorp and much more.

But PK where can I download a copy well from here

I hope you enjoy it.

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