Friday, 29 May 2015

The Women's Institute, Belvoir Section

Now I bet thats a title you dont see very often in connection to wargaming. Well I have finished off the Women's Institute section of my Duke of Rutland's forces and I am rather pleased with them. The figures of mostly from Mason's Blind Beggar Miniatures, the Armed Housewives set and the Lady Baxterville and her 'Family' set, plus a couple of addition figures. Firstly I would like to publicly thank Mason for producing these figures as one, no-one does women is civilian clothing and two they are damn nice sculpts and paint up a dream.

Now back to the WI section. With have a full section of ten ladies with LMG support and I have painted them out to have a fair representation of ladies from all walks of life and classes. Added to the section is a Jam Jar Thrower Mk1 (WI model) as support, God knows what the rules are going to be, but I thought is would be a suitable support team for the ladies.

The sharp eyed amongst you might notice a iron lady with a handbag, she is from Reiver Castings and she is the commander of the Jam Jar Thrower and also That Women who is Duke of Rutland's wife, Lady Tredgast Strapleton-Mallet, doing her bit for the King's cause.

Have a nice day



  1. Love the minis and the humor... the jam jar slingshot is GREAT!
    Good work!

  2. Jam and Jerusalem... and Gelignite!

  3. Splendid, great details...faces are impressive!

  4. Nice work, PK! Cracking miniatures there.

  5. Absolutely cracking stuff PK! Funny that we've both painted a Wallis in the last week...

    1. It was the fact you painted Eddy and Wallis that made me realise I have a Wallis that needs painting, so I did

  6. An interesting range of figure that I knew nothing about. And I must say great additions to the VBCW.

  7. Fantastic reinforcements Pete.
    Not come across these guys before.

  8. They look fabulous great job on them all. I really love that jam jar launcher!

  9. Thanks there guys it was real fun to paint them and I am so pleased that you liked them.

  10. What a fantastic group of minis - super paint job and colour scheme. Is that Margaret Thatcher on the 4th from last pic? Sure looks like her.


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