Sunday, 26 July 2015

Other Partizan and Trouble in Frisby on the Wreake

Yes its time again coming on around its time for Other Partizan on Sunday 6th September at Kelham Hall, Newark and as usual The Very British Civil Forum and myself will be putting on a game of VBCW.

Trouble Comes to Frisby on the Wreake

Summer in the Asfordby Valley, the crops are growing and bring gathered for the winter, the animals are being tended and a major objective the Socialist force of the Corporation of Leicester. Both sides have settled down and licking their wounds after a month of heavy fighting, consolidated their gains and the situation develops into a pattern of raid and counter raid. Now the Royalist forces of Melton Mowbray are gathering their resources for the coming winter. But trouble is coming their way .

Early Sunday morning a socialist raiding party strikes out at the village of Frisby on the Wreake with the aim to capture the supplies from the surrounding area but their encounter a Local Defensive Force guarding the bridge and the village and before long radio messages are flowing calling for reinforcements on both sides and slowly more forces being dragged into this key position to control the valley before winter sets in.

The Plot

The Frisby Royalist LDV have awoken to the sounds of movement near the bridge and have setup to stop the Socialists from crossing it and taking the village and the supplies. The Socialist have been taken by surprise by the strength of the defence and now both sides are fighting over the bridge and calling up reinforcements to cover the threat.

The Deployment

The Royalists have a section of at the bridge guarding the entrance to the village. The rest of the Royalist forces are coming in from the village side to support the section.

The Socialist forces have a section trying to gain access to the village and are fighting the Royalists defenders there. The rest of the Socialist forces are rushing to support this section.

The Objectives

The Royalist objective it to stop the Socialist from crossing the Wreake and gaining access to the supplies in the village. Also the Royalists have to stop the Socialists from taking this key village and thus control of the Asfordby Valley.

The Socialists primary objective is to capture the supplies in the village and secondary objective is to capture the key village.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

The Finished Item and Flags

Well here is the finished cover and as promised a note on what the next book is going to be. Now just in case you have not guessed yet the cover is for the second flag book and that is going to cover the Anglican League, The Socialists and a number of the small factions too like the Welsh and the West Country. Also there are going to be flags on the counties and town too and depending on the number of flags this book might have to become two, sorry once I start on the flags there is no stopping me. 

Also is the pipeline is another book on the Celtic Confederacy and Hastings has been beavering away on that. Once the text has been completed I will be sent it and then I can start my magic and get the illustrations done. Now I am very interested in getting that one done and I am sure it will be very interesting. So here the cover and so more flags.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

In its |Last Stages

Its nearly finished and all I have to do now is the wall. I have to say I am rather pleased with the way it is turning out and I think it will be a fitting cover for the book. As for the book there is another clue with this picture too, can you guess what the book about yet?

The Clue is in the Picture

Here is the latest stage that the book cover is at and as you can see it is nearly finished, which has surprised me a bit too. I am rather pleased with the progress and the results so far and actually cannot wait to have it finished as I really like the composition.

Any as for the book well actually the clue is in the picture and will update you about this and the next book soon.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

WIP of the New Book Cover

Here is a wee bit more of the illustration and its progress. The illustration shows the People's Assault Column charging across a bridge under a hail of fire from the Edwardite forces while they try and wrestle a vital objective from their hands. This will be shortly gracing the cover of a new book just as soon as I get it completed. I will be saying more on the book once I have done a little bit more of the illustration.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Small Teaser from Solway with a New VBCW book on the Horizon

I have to say after what seems like a day and a age of not being able to paint my pictures I have got my mojo back and I am rather pleased and happy as now I can get a couple of pictures sorted out for people.

I am working of a couple of things for Solway and here is the sketch for the cover of the new book. As I develop the picture more I will release more details of the book and let you know about the other book thats in the pipeline too.

Here is the latest stage the cover is at, okay not a lot has happened but I am happy with the fleshtones and will be starting on the set in the next couple of days. There will be more on the book shortly?

Also I am planning a limited run of postcard size prints that will be shortly available for sell. The prints will be a small run of illustrations of VBCW pictures that have appeared in various VBCW books and signed by me. I will let you know shortly on how to get them if you are interested.


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