Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Small Teaser from Solway with a New VBCW book on the Horizon

I have to say after what seems like a day and a age of not being able to paint my pictures I have got my mojo back and I am rather pleased and happy as now I can get a couple of pictures sorted out for people.

I am working of a couple of things for Solway and here is the sketch for the cover of the new book. As I develop the picture more I will release more details of the book and let you know about the other book thats in the pipeline too.

Here is the latest stage the cover is at, okay not a lot has happened but I am happy with the fleshtones and will be starting on the set in the next couple of days. There will be more on the book shortly?

Also I am planning a limited run of postcard size prints that will be shortly available for sell. The prints will be a small run of illustrations of VBCW pictures that have appeared in various VBCW books and signed by me. I will let you know shortly on how to get them if you are interested.




  1. Nice work as always, PK. The postcards idea sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  2. I like what you have done so far. And hope the painting mojo returns very soon.

  3. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more...

  4. Good to hear you have your mojo back. :)

  5. Awesome start there PK! Very nice to see you back!

  6. Looking good Pete! Great to hear you've got your mojo back mate.

  7. Wonderful work, Pete. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.


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