Sunday, 26 July 2015

Other Partizan and Trouble in Frisby on the Wreake

Yes its time again coming on around its time for Other Partizan on Sunday 6th September at Kelham Hall, Newark and as usual The Very British Civil Forum and myself will be putting on a game of VBCW.

Trouble Comes to Frisby on the Wreake

Summer in the Asfordby Valley, the crops are growing and bring gathered for the winter, the animals are being tended and a major objective the Socialist force of the Corporation of Leicester. Both sides have settled down and licking their wounds after a month of heavy fighting, consolidated their gains and the situation develops into a pattern of raid and counter raid. Now the Royalist forces of Melton Mowbray are gathering their resources for the coming winter. But trouble is coming their way .

Early Sunday morning a socialist raiding party strikes out at the village of Frisby on the Wreake with the aim to capture the supplies from the surrounding area but their encounter a Local Defensive Force guarding the bridge and the village and before long radio messages are flowing calling for reinforcements on both sides and slowly more forces being dragged into this key position to control the valley before winter sets in.

The Plot

The Frisby Royalist LDV have awoken to the sounds of movement near the bridge and have setup to stop the Socialists from crossing it and taking the village and the supplies. The Socialist have been taken by surprise by the strength of the defence and now both sides are fighting over the bridge and calling up reinforcements to cover the threat.

The Deployment

The Royalists have a section of at the bridge guarding the entrance to the village. The rest of the Royalist forces are coming in from the village side to support the section.

The Socialist forces have a section trying to gain access to the village and are fighting the Royalists defenders there. The rest of the Socialist forces are rushing to support this section.

The Objectives

The Royalist objective it to stop the Socialist from crossing the Wreake and gaining access to the supplies in the village. Also the Royalists have to stop the Socialists from taking this key village and thus control of the Asfordby Valley.

The Socialists primary objective is to capture the supplies in the village and secondary objective is to capture the key village.

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  1. Sounds a good set up. I hope you have fun!

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