Monday, 31 August 2015

The Leicester Ladies Women Institute Raise a Flag and Jar

Well it has been some time since I last posted and I thought I should remedy that so here is what I have been doing.

Firstly I would like to thank Mason for these ladies and I believe they are the nurses but as you can see I have created a Banner Bearer for the Leicester and Rutland Women's Institute and crew for the MK1 WI Model Jam Jar Thrower, thanks MickA for that. I have to say that the nurses, sorry ladies have come up rather nicely and just with a change to the painting and giving a domestic look shows what can be done with them. I have used Long Tall Sally, because she is tall, for the banner bearer though the other nurse could easily be used. Simple giving her apron a floral pattern was enough to change the character of the lady and the banner is similar to the one you get from Mason.

The other nurses, sorry ladies, I have got for the domestic housewife look with headscarf, which with common in the 30s. I have given Big Bertha a nice simple floral dress with a plain pink apron and Little Bertha I have got for a plain pink dress and plain apron, needed if there are any accidents with the jars of jam, dont want to get their petty dress dirty.

I think they are come out rather nicely and well done for Mason and Blind Beggar Miniatures for doing them.

I dread to think who will come the blog with that title but hey ho. I am going to running a VBCW game at Other Partizan in Sunday 6th September, so if you are about pop over and say hi.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly is Now Out

This Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the sun is out and what's more Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Volume Two, Issue One is out ready for people to download the free eZine.

This Quarter's eZine covers lovely article on Napoleonics, a wonderful article on How to Design Rulebook, the second part of the Egyptian Terrain building, Saga Does and Donts and more. Of course there is a illustration by me on the back too.

The click here for the Free eZine, Wargame Bloggers Quarterly.

Have a lovely day,

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