Sunday, 16 August 2015

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly is Now Out

This Sunday morning, the birds are singing, the sun is out and what's more Wargame Bloggers Quarterly Volume Two, Issue One is out ready for people to download the free eZine.

This Quarter's eZine covers lovely article on Napoleonics, a wonderful article on How to Design Rulebook, the second part of the Egyptian Terrain building, Saga Does and Donts and more. Of course there is a illustration by me on the back too.

The click here for the Free eZine, Wargame Bloggers Quarterly.

Have a lovely day,



  1. Hurrah! I'm having a bugger of a day and it isn't over yet. This gives me something to look forward to reading tonight. =)

  2. Im sorry to here that A J and I hope you find it entertaining

  3. Excuse me if I am busy reading this for a while!


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