Sunday, 27 September 2015

Alice Hawkins Company, Leicester People's Assault Column

The Alice Hawkins Co of the Leicester PAC is an all women's company that is made up for the city's seamstresses and boot workers as well as members of the Independent Labour Party. A militant company, with a militant history these ladies banded together firstly as various workers militias from the various factories where they proved that they where the equal to any male militia, both is politics as way of training and determination. These women's militias naturally banded together and a loose company or branch was semi formed but lack leadership and direction to form a cohesive unit, that is until Alice Hawkins, suffragette, socialist, one of the founders of the Independent Labour Party in Leicester and supporter of the trade unions and the labour movement, took to organise these ladies into a unified fighting force.

Hawkins using her various influences in the city's corporation council and trade council, her son was in charge of it when the civil broke, to gain proper training for the ladies they proved to be more that the equal of the male workers militia. Politically the views of the ladies where more to the extreme left, with members being for the Trade Unions, the Communist Party Great Britain, the Clarion Group, the Independent Labour Party as well of Labour Party members and other left wing groups. The one thing that unified these ladies was there belief in equal rights for all and their hated of fascism.

When Gerry Cobain took command of the Leicester PAC he started to reorganise them into a competent fighting force, looking to the city's militias and recruiting from them to build up his force, he naturally gravitated to the more militant units and these ladies under the auspices and influence of Hawkins shone out brightly. In a meeting between Hawkins and Cobain an agreement was reached and the Alice Hawkins Company of the Leicester PAC was formed from the women's workers militias. 

Alice herself being to old to led the ladies into battle deferred the command over to Dorothy M. Adams, a member of the Communist Party and a teacher. Adams is know for her thinking out of the box and is a very hands on leader, believing that leading by example and deeds is as important as giving orders to someone to do. If Adams doesnt know how to do something herself she will often found learning how to do it, as an example, Adams attended technical school to learn cobbling so she could teach her sixth form girls how to mend the shoes of the Basque refugees being housed at Evington Hall.

The company is now formed, uniformed along the PAC lines is a "Socialist Green" shirt, khaki skirts and a red tie, and equipped with the latest equipment and arms the PAC has to offer. The Company's standard has been awarded and the know ready for action.

The Alice Hawkins Company Flag shows Alice Hawkins Suffragette and ILP roots as well as the Leicester PAC. The Suffragette tricolour and "justice" stand proud of on the flag along with the Suffragette slogan next to ILP and socialist symbols.

The figures are by Blind Beggar Miniatures and are rather nice and paint up lovely.

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  1. I have resisted succesfully getting into this period. I think it needs a group to really get the feel of the whole alternate time line. Shame really because I absolutely love the individual units and more importantly the back stories that go with them. Although I realise the games are very tongue in cheek, being a war baby and having had a father who grew up and took part in the anti fascist movement in the east end of London in the 30's I can really feel the "real possibility" of this time line. The village green mentality and the realities of life in Industrial towns really hammer away at my imagination. I also live in cataluña and had aquaintances familiar with the social forces experienced during the similar civil war here and that still smoulder close to the surface even now. Yes i could learn to love this time line. MUST RESIST as a writer of short stories based on games I play this could destroy what little social life I have left. LOL
    Brilliant figures BTW So reminiscent of old photos from the SCW

    1. Just give in to temptation Robert, it's the only way to deal with it:).

  2. Fabulous Pete, made all the better with those splendid banners.

  3. Simply wonderful work as always.

  4. Top looking unit, and all the better for the rather spiffing looking flag!

  5. Very nice Pete. I wonder if I will ever get to paint them!!

  6. Awesome work PK. Love the flag too!

  7. Fabulous work Pete. The flag is truly a thing of beauty!


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