Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bert Cockshaw, Leicester Trade Union Leader and Activist

Bert Cockshaw was a miner and active in the General Strike in the North East. Unemployment forced him to move finding work in Birmingham and Coventry before moving to Leicester, where he worked in several different factories, eventually becoming shop steward for the Transport and General Workers Union.

A Communist Party member who was active in the 1930s and 40s. He was expelled from the Trades Council in the 1930s for his party membership. In 1937, he became secretary of the short-lived Unity Campaign, between the C.P., I.L.P. Socialist League and other left organisations. The local Communist Party banner was inscribed with is name.

He was active in the unemployed and anti-fascist movement in Leicester from around 1932. In August 1936, he was arrested and removed from the platform by the police whilst speaking in the Market Place. He was summoned for ‘shouting and behaving in a disorderly way,’ - the case was dismissed.

Not long after, he volunteered to fight with the International Brigade in Spain, but returned to Leicester on the outbreak of the British Civil War where he organised the Leicester Miners into a Militia.

Coming soon Irish Volunteers for the Leicester PAC.

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  1. Bert looks to have slipped a left jab and is primed and ready to fire off a right cross. Great character, PK!

  2. Lovely work PK. Great story!

  3. Nice work, PK! I like the bus shelter and dog too.

  4. Smart move placing the blue doghouse next to the orange-haired mini. Good combo!

  5. Lovely work and what a characterful looking chap he is to.


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